Exceptional Patient Experience Serves as the Foundation of This Healthcare Group’s 5-Star Reputation

average rating

In the last 6 months across 4 locations (136 out of 138 are perfect 5-star ratings)

clickthrough rate

On review request messages sent via SMS in the last 6 months

of all reviews are 5-stars

Every major aspect of the patient experience is at least 93% positive, as interpreted by ReviewTrackers’ NLP technology

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Enhance the organization’s online reputation by finding effective ways to generate positive online reviews and patient feedback

Foster a better understanding of patient experiences across multiple facilities and locations by analyzing sentiment data found in online reviews

Benchmark reputational performance against local competitors and create opportunities to achieve competitive differentiation


Create and launch SMS campaigns using the Ask Tool to proactively ask for reviews and feedback from patients who have opted into the program

Use Customer Experience Analytics and leverage natural language processing (NLP) technology to measure the sentiment of patient feedback across various healthcare categories

Visualize location and brand performance and evaluate competitors on online review sites using Competitor Analysis


Delivering exceptional patient experiences is one thing. Building a brand reputation that boosts patient acquisition is another. 

A nationally accredited healthcare system headquartered in the East Coast can fortunately tick both boxes. The organization’s hallmark quality is its ability to deliver patient experiences that captivate and go beyond achieving better health outcomes. To build a 5-star reputation, the group partners with ReviewTrackers.


of consumers use online reviews as the first step to finding a new doctor


of healthcare consumers trust online reviews and ratings more than personal recommendations


of healthcare providers are aware of the importance of a strong reputation, but most don’t know how to change it in a positive way

How reviews help healthcare providers truly understand patients

“Online reviews posted by patients on websites like Google and Yelp provide valuable insights into quality of care and the patient-provider relationship,” says Stan West, customer success associate at ReviewTrackers.

Based on the review data of the East Coast healthcare group — which enlisted four of its facilities in the ReviewTrackers platform — its physicians are delivering great experiences across the continuum of care. 

This is evidenced by a near-perfect 4.99 overall rating across the four locations in the last six months. There isn’t a single review or piece of feedback that is rated lower than 4 stars.

ReviewTrackers’ natural language processing (NLP) engine also measured the sentiment of all the reviews across various healthcare categories and found the company to have attracted universal approval from its patients. A quick glance shows overwhelmingly positive reviews about the healthcare group’s:

  • Care quality (96% positive)
  • Bedside manner (100% positive)
  • Staff (99% positive)
  • Wait times (100% positive)
  • Facilities (93% positive)

The company uses ReviewTrackers to achieve a more objective, complete, and accurate understanding of the patient experience. 

Apart from insights generated by the NLP engine, the organization’s 35+ users are also tuned into a total of 117 different types of review alerts — delivered via email on a daily, weekly, monthly, or immediate basis — to keep their fingers on the pulse of what patients are saying on online review websites.

Online reviews posted by patients on websites like Google and Yelp provide valuable insights into quality of care and the patient-provider relationship. 

Stan West
Customer success associate, ReviewTrackers


Using “texting” to generate positive patient feedback

The healthcare group also knows that reviews play a crucial role in shaping brand reputation, attracting new patients, and increasing conversion. To encourage feedback and consistently generate fresh new reviews, the company uses ReviewTrackers’ Ask Tool.

The feature enables users to send text message campaigns to patients who have opted into the program and proactively ask for reviews and feedback. 90% of SMS messages are read within three minutes — which means the company is incredibly effective in engaging with patients. 

It has so far sent a total of 280+ requests and posted best-in-class open and click-through rates of 75% and 100%, respectively.

Screenshot of SMS Ask Tool template

Not only does the Ask Tool position the company to be literally a text message away from having a community of satisfied patients build positive word of mouth, it’s also a powerful way to strengthen the patient-provider relationship and reinforce positive experiences. 

“When you deliver experiences that healthcare customers love, they won’t hesitate to vouch for you,” adds West. “All you have to do is ask.”

Competitive insights demonstrate strategic market advantage

The impact of all these new reviews can be observed in the company’s reputational performance, as visualized on the ReviewTrackers dashboard.

  • In the last 6 months, the company has produced 5.2 times more reviews than the closest rival healthcare system.
  • In the last 3 months, the company has generated 130+ more reviews than the no. 2 brand.
  • It has also outperformed a cross-town competitor in overall rating (4.96 vs. 4.33 out of 5) as well as in patient experience categories like bedside manner (100% vs. 93%), wait times (100% vs. 40%), and staff (99% vs. 70%).

Says West, “To encourage preference, acquire new patients, and beat the competition, providers must not only deliver positive experiences; they should also effectively manage their online reviews and reputation.”

The rest of ReviewTrackers’ robust feature set empowers the East Coast healthcare group to streamline its reputation management efforts. The company created 8 Smart Response templates to ensure on-brand, HIPAA-compliant responses to reviews. It also set up a number of review widgets — aptly called Amplify — in order to display a curated set of reviews on its website and digital properties.

All this paints a picture of an organization truly committed to optimizing the patient experience. With the help of ReviewTrackers, the company is equipped to assess their own performance, define a successful reputation management strategy, and deliver on it.

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