April 29, 2020

Great Customer Engagement Examples to Fuel Your Strategy

a hero image of people following one person to show customer engagement examples

Great customer engagement examples can inspire brands to find news ways to reach out and keep customers interested in their products or services. This is because an effective customer engagement strategy can be a factor in overall business success. More engaged customers means higher retention, lower churn, increased loyalty, and greater revenue.

Tactics for driving customer engagement vary, especially in uncertain times, but any brand can utilize three methods to keep customers engaged and satisfied at different points of the purchase experience.

  • Humanize the brand through content
  • Lean on social media
  • Follow up for feedback

Humanize the Brand through Content

Gaining consumer trust paves the way for increased customer loyalty and online reputation, and it’s one of the main reasons why people choose specific retailers. A great way to earn that trust is by presenting the product in an empathetic way. This means trading the usual marketing copy for content that tells a story about the brand or the products offered.

A brand that does this well is Allbirds, which makes shoes. However, it differentiates from competitors by using recycled and natural materials and having an overall goal of reducing its overall carbon footprint in the production process. The company makes this clear not just on its home page, but throughout its website, to make customers feel like they are a part of the company’s mission.

allbirds sustainability mission is one of the great customer engagement examples

Lean on Social Media

Every customer engagement strategy also involves meeting people where they are online. The most obvious route is through social media. Creating an effective community management plan allows brands to promote their products in a way that organically engages with people.

While not directly engaging with customers, Hwy 55 Burgers is using Twitter during these times of disruption to highlight staff at multiple locations who continue to provide food from the restaurant to healthcare workers and students.

Shining a spotlight on these efforts shows the company’s commitment to the community, which can encourage people to interact with the brand with likes, shares, and comments. Global Web Index research shows 40% of digital consumers use social platforms to research brands or products. Engaging with customers through social media content effectively increases exposure to these potential customers who are looking for the right brand for their next purchase decision.

Continue to Show Value and Get Feedback

Even after the purchase, businesses should still make customer engagement efforts to increase future retention as well as gaining insights to improve the experience for new customers. Asking for a review also shows that you highly value each buyer’s opinion because their words carry weight for 92.4% of consumers who rely on reviews to make a purchase.

Take this appointment follow-up email from Lenscrafters. Even though the subject includes the usual “Tell Us How We Did” line, a majority of the message is focused on showcasing the many benefits of using the company’s services. The customer just came in for an appointment, and Lenscrafters is using its review request email to further increase engagement by showing its true value to the customer if they continue to use the business for additional eye care services.

another great customer engagement example is a post-visit email from lenscrafters

Inspiration From Customer Engagement Examples

There are small variations in every customer engagement strategy, but these examples should inspire any brand to find ways to stand out from the competition. Fostering strong emotional connections, meeting customers where they are online, and showing further value by asking feedback can turn first-time customers into your most passionate promoters.

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