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Rob Zaleski takes a picture with the ReviewTrackers star mascot at SXSW.

Photo: Rob Zaleski takes a picture with the ReviewTrackers star mascot at SXSW.

ReviewTrackers had a great time meeting inspiring, creative individuals at SXSW in Austin, Texas. While we were getting to know you, we gave away a free 5-star weekend in Chicago. Attendees at our booth entered into the contest by taking a photo with our star mascot and posting it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

We are excited to announce the winner of our 5-Star weekend contest: Rob Zaleski of MarketingProfs. He will receive two round-trip flights to Chicago, two nights at a downtown Chicago hotel, one dinner reservation at a restaurant in Chicago and a $400 gift card for food, travel and entertainment. Congratulations!

In addition to giving away an awesome 5-star weekend, we danced, laughed and partied the night away at the Get Plugged In concert, featuring Low Cut Connie. In the midst of singing and dancing, we learned Low Cut Connie’s piano has its own hashtag.

Even more, we attended numerous events – meetups, happy hours and outdoor events. All the happenings had delicious food and some even had interactive activities.


Interview with Zaleski

We asked Zaleski some questions about SXSW and winning the contest. He said he has some research to do to prepare for his trip to Chicago. 

Where are you from?

(I am) originally from Ohio (and) made my way to Austin via Champaign, Ilinois. I’m never leaving. Like, seriously.

How do you feel about winning the contest? Are you excited for a weekend in Chicago?

I was super pumped. I don’t win things very often, and I’ve been meaning to visit my friends in Chicago. This couldn’t have been more perfect. I plan to make the most of it. Or maybe the least of it and totally chill out in the hotel.

Do you know which hotel you are going to stay at in Chicago? Or where you’d like to eat?

I’m usually such a budgeter when I travel. I have some serious research to do! What’s my spending limit again? Off to the reviews sites I go.

What was the highlight for you at SXSW?

Aside from the cool folks at ReviewTrackers? I loved all the AR and VR tech that was floating around, and to see how the technology is evolving. This stuff is going to change the game in serious ways.

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