February 15, 2023

ReviewTrackers Announces Its Integration With InMoment’s XI Platform To Integrate Social Review Data with Voice of the Customer Feedback

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Today, ReviewTrackers announced its integration with InMoment’s Experience Improvement (XI) Platform, the award-winning software that reveals CX insights that fuel long-term brand success. With ReviewTrackers’ best-in-class reputation metrics and InMoment’s Voice of the Customer (VoC) feedback data, teams can create powerful, interdepartmental decisions that lead to better customer retention, meaningful organizational growth, and continued success against major competitors.

Specifically, the integration will allow ReviewTrackers’ users to see their organization’s reputational data within the XI Platform, providing the clearest picture of a company’s reputation and customer experience standings.


For instance, a team utilizing both platforms can see collected review data from multiple sources along with InMoment’s Intent Detection, a predictive AI text analytics model, to get a more accurate picture of the CX journey and how to improve it for future consumers, all from within the XI Platform. The integration also supports single sign-on and API access, making it easier for teams and organizations to easily access and leverage the full scope of features from ReviewTrackers’ and InMoment’s platforms.

This latest collaboration between ReviewTrackers and InMoment is the result of InMoment’s acquisition of ReviewTrackers in June 2022. By combining ReviewTrackers’ powerful social review analytics with InMoment’s customer experience data and expertise, brands and organizations can level the insights gained from multiple data sources throughout the customer journey to create an experience that satisfies consumers, retains customers, and outranks the competition.

See how your teams can leverage the combined power of ReviewTrackers and InMoment with a demo today.

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