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March 22, 2023

Senior Care Reputation Management: A Checklist and Best Practices for Long-Term Success

a group of older people and nurses

Having a senior care reputation management plan is important not just for long-term success; it’s also vital for any care organization that wants to continue attracting seniors and providing a high-class experience that people praise online. In fact, 82% of families used online reviews as part of their research for senior living options. To ensure that you attract more of these families – and stay above competitors – it’s important to have a few senior care reputation management strategies in place.

Senior Care Reputation Management Strategy #1: Monitor and Optimize Local Listings

Research shows 46% of all Google searches include local intent. This means more people are actively looking for services like senior care within their local area. By claiming a Google Business Profile, your senior care facility can gain visibility when people search with terms like “senior care near me.”

However, creating a listing is just the first step in maintaining an online presence and cultivating your senior care reputation management plan. Crucial listing details such as address, phone number, and website URL need to be consistent and updated to make it easier for families to learn more about your facilities and contact staff for additional information. With local listing management tools, your staff can increase awareness to your facilities by updating information across multiple listings with just a few clicks. The alternative, incorrect or outdated listing information, will only convince families to look at your competition and dismiss your brand entirely.

Senior Care Reputation Management Strategy #2: Display Top Reviews

The high number of families that use reviews when looking for senior care facilities speaks to the power of feedback. Brand marketing language can only do so much to convince people that your facility is worth visiting. People prefer to see the words of others who have visited your facilities and interacted with the staff because it provides a more authentic take on the senior care experience. This means that your staff should not shy away from feedback. Instead, they should be finding your facilities’ best reviews and putting them front and center where possible.

With a tool like Amplify, your reputation team can easily implement review widgets throughout your website. They can even create an entire page dedicated to reviews from current customers. For many families and seniors, those reviews can be the deciding factor when choosing a senior care service or facility. By showcasing recent reviews in addition to high praise from other seniors, you make the research process easier while also increasing trust between your senior care brand and every individual looking at your website.

Senior Care Reputation Management Strategy #3: Gain Insights from Feedback

Your senior care reviews are not just an important part of acquiring new customers; they are also an accurate source of the customer experience. An important part of any senior care reputation management strategy is improving the experience and leaning on recent feedback can reveal sentiment and trends that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Traditionally, this process of gaining data from reviews would take considerable time and energy with multiple people reading feedback and manually noting certain keywords that they believe led to a positive or negative review. However, this process can be made simpler with today’s technology. By utilizing customer experience analytics, you can leverage A.I. to look at hundreds or even thousands of reviews in a matter of minutes to provide you with accurate keyword analysis and trending topics data. For instance, your recent reviews might show that the “cleanliness” term is used heavily in positive feedback but many negative reviews cite “attentiveness” as their main issue.

Getting this accurate and insightful data in a matter of hours, instead of days, makes it easier for your team to make impactful operational changes. Not only will this please current residents, it will also impress those who are looking at your senior care facility as an option. Acting on review data shows that you’re listening to the needs of your seniors – a valuable deciding factor for those looking for senior care options.


Setting up a senior care reputation management plan to fit your needs does not have to be difficult or expensive. With powerful and easy-to-use reputation management software you can ensure online visibility, encourage constant feedback, and meet prospect expectations. As a result, your senior care brand can be successful in the long run with happy families and more people looking to your services instead of the competition. To get started on your senior care reputation management plan today, start with these steps:

  • Create a Google Business Profile for your senior care brand
  • Ask and respond to reviews online
  • Act on review-based analysis with customer experience analytics