January 9, 2023

ReviewTrackers Announces Expanded Suite of Tools for International Market Support

ReviewTrackers announces expanded suite of tools to support international markets with Local Listings

ReviewTrackers is excited to announce access to an expanded suite of tools to support international markets!

For just over a decade, ReviewTrackers has been a leader in the online reputation management software space, helping empower 175,000+ business locations to understand their customers better through advanced review and customer feedback technology. We enable organizations to accelerate business acquisition and improve customer retention strategies while driving more authentic connections with customers by streamlining analysis, amplification, and application of customer experience analytics and intelligence data across departments. 

Up until this point, we were able to support English-speaking countries outside of the United States in a limited capacity. We are now bringing the power of Local Listings management and additional review collection to Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland as we expand our product offerings to international businesses looking to invest in enterprise reputation management and customer experience and grow their bottom line through customer acquisition and retention.


local listing management as part of restaurant reputation management


Local Listings is an all-in-one solution for enterprises looking to optimize online brand visibility for ‘near me’ searches and outrank their competition. Teams can easily manage the full customer journey from acquisition to retention, improve local SEO, and save time and resources from a single point in the platform.

Additional review collection will allow for a comprehensive view of the business landscape, streamlining review collection, response, and monitoring from sites that are integral to customers’ journeys, such as Feefo, wotif, The Fork, Seek, and many others, easily allowing teams and leadership to make sense of vast amounts of unstructured data and apply those customer experience insights across the entire company. 


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