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TripAdvisor Tips: How to Encourage Positive, Text-Rich Reviews and Manage Long Rants

If you are a service and hospitality-oriented business, chances are TripAdvisor is already a top source for business referrals, either for you or for your competitors.

The majority of businesses listed on TripAdvisor can count on having from 15 to 45 percent of their website traffic as a referral from TripAdvisor. This makes it an invaluable resource when it comes to taking your business to the next level. Securing a Certificate of Excellence, pushing your business to the top 10 percent of the popularity sort, and triggering longer, more descriptive reviews are three of the most influential factors when it comes to increased lead generation; and all three are mutually synergic, making them equally important.

Learn how different types of TripAdvisor reviews impact and shape your online reputation.

Having text-rich reviews will likely push your profile up in popularity and help you earn a Certificate of Excellence. Similarly, profiles that are already ranking high as far as popularity or hold a Certificate of Excellence have increased engagement in terms of the number and density of their reviews. Today, we are going to take a closer look at review density, also known as text-rich reviews.

We consider a review to be text-rich when it has 250 words or more. A text-rich review generally takes place on reviews on either end of the scale. Consumers are most likely to invest time talking about a product or service when they are extremely delighted or highly dissatisfied.

The Text-Rich, Negative Review or Rant

A text-rich, valid negative review or even a negative rant can have a marked influence on lead generation. Negative reviews that are text-rich are likely to have more reads, and according to TripAdvisor these reviews are the most likely to get tagged as “helpful” by TripAdvisor users. When you receive a negative, text-rich review on TripAdvisor, you must take special care in how you handle it through your response and remediation, if applicable. When responding to a negative, text-rich review on TripAdvisor, heed the following steps:

  • Carefully read the review and get the facts straight.
  • Verify the story with your operations team.
  • Go to the root of the problem and fix it. There is nothing worse than repeat issues on your review profiles.
  • Provide a resolution-oriented, customer-focused response where you tackle the concerns point by point.

While negative, text-rich reviews happen naturally, securing positive, text-rich reviews might be a little more difficult. Unfortunately, encouraging prior customers to review you often results in reviews that might be five-star but are pretty short and to the point. A review that reads “The service was great” is not particularly useful for those using reviews to decide whether to patronage your venue. Positive, text-rich reviews might be more difficult to secure, but they are not impossible. Follow these tips and watch your word count increase overnight:

Exceed Customers’ Expectations

We know this sounds cliché, but your reviewers can only tell a story if you give them one to tell. Very seldom do we see a text-rich review that talks about things being as expected. High-star reviews rich in text are most often the result of customers who have had a product or service experience that exceeds expectations.

Design Your Products and Services to Be Story-Worthy

The great thing about hospitality is the flexibility that exists in delivering experiences that are outright delightful. Think about ways to tweak your products and services that will differentiate you from the competition. You don’t need to be the Ritz Carlton or have a Ritz Carlton budget to be a story-worthy venue. Take a look at the Rainbow Courts Hotel in Rockdale, Texas. This small facility with only 38 rooms, some selling as low as $59, has managed to deliver five-star experiences that have earned them a Traveler’s Choice Award for 2015.

Craft a TripAdvisor Review Express Template with Story Prompts

If you are not yet using TripAdvisor Review Express, then you are without question missing out. If you have already begun using it, then we want to encourage you to carefully craft a Review Express template that offers your reviewers prompts that will encourage storytelling. Here is an example currently in use by a tour company that hosts high-end wine-buying tours in Yamhill Valley, Oregon:

Dear John,

Thank you for choosing us as your wine-purchasing partner in your most recent trip to Oregon. We know you are busy, and we value your time and feedback, which helps us improve our business and gives future visitors insights on what to expect from our team. If your schedule permits, we would love it if you could share a bit about your experience with us on our TripAdvisor reviews page.

Feel free to include your favorite wineries, best tips, and let us know what you enjoyed best during your complimentary picnic at Meadows Vineyard.

We look forward to your review and can’t wait to host you again.

In this example, the template has been modified to include personalized prompts that give the reviewer an outline to guide him through the review. This style template has proven to be highly effective in securing text-rich, positive reviews.

Your text-rich, positive reviews not only influence your customer experience once a shopper is already on TripAdvisor, but unique strings of content can also directly impact search engine responses, pointing shoppers to specific details shared on a review in response to an exact match.

Additionally, text-rich, positive reviews will provide you with insights as to what your best customers like the most about your business. By understanding what your customers value most, you will be able to optimize your processes and continue to refine your products and services.

We encourage you to consider the importance of positive, text-rich reviews, and begin incorporating changes to the way you do business that are aimed at improving your text density and review volume. Longer and more frequent, highly scored reviews are the key to moving up in popularity, and improving an area of your reputation management that can directly impact your online reputation and profitability.

Kevin Kent

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  1. Christina

    250 words or more; I’ve never gotten one of those. Apparently, I haven’t ever REALLY upset a Yelper. I’m going to go ahead and ignore the fact that I’ve never gotten a positive one that long either.

  2. PeryF

    Is it really necessary that reviews have 250+ words to be considered text-rich? It seems that those would be too bothersome to read for someone who is looking for a quick comparison of two businesses.