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Hoteliers and Business Owners Using Review Request Tools to Improve TripAdvisor Performance

Travel reviews aggregator TripAdvisor is host to a lot of hotel and travel reviews, ratings and opinions. Over 100 million, to be exact. If you’re a hotel manager or the owner of a local travel-related business, don’t you think it would be nice to show off the glowing reviews and five-star ratings that you’ve received from the site?

Well, this is a question that TripAdvisor itself has aimed to address. Recently it launched the new Rave Review Widget, a widget for displaying a hotel or local business’ most recent five-star review title on its website. All you have to do to get the Rave Review Widget is to claim your business on TripAdvisor, get yourself listed, log into TripAdvisor for Business, and download the widget by following the instructions on the Widget Center page.

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The new Rave Review Widget complements other free resources – including the popular Review Snippets widget, Recommended On and Bravo! badges and What’s Nearby tools – for business owners looking to market themselves on TripAdvisor. Once live, the widget will display a scrolling title of a hotel or business’ latest five-star review, which is automatically updated every time a new five-star write-up has been written, posted, and monitored. The widget is also clickable, with a link that leads to all TripAdvisor reviews of the given business.

The new hotel review management tool is being introduced at a time when 53 percent of travelers say they won’t book a hotel unless it has reviews. Furthermore, travelers have been shown to spend 45 percent more time on hotel pages (on TripAdvisor) that have at least 50 aggregated hotel reviews or ratings.

Said Christine Petersen, president of TripAdvisor for Business: “TripAdvisor’s Rave Review product makes it quick and easy for business owners to showcase their well-earned, positive reviews to potential guests.”

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