ReviewTrackers is fantastic! Our clients have seen increased review counts and scores by using ReviewTrackers feedback templates.

Our company has used ReviewTrackers to monitor the online reputations of about 100 of our clients. Check them out – you will be impressed! 🙂

Voice of Client is vital! We wouldn’t trust this aspect of our success to anyone but ReviewTrackers.

We love it. We tried a number of review aggregation websites, but ReviewTrackers far exceeded the rest. This program was exactly what we wanted and we couldn’t be more pleased.

The product and staff have been amazing in helping us manage reviews for our clients. Highly recommended!

I have been using the ReviewTrackers platform for over two years and I am happy to share that they are awesome. I have been able to cut back on almost all my advertising and now focus my efforts on getting new reviews on the ReviewTrackers platform.

We’re building loyalty with ReviewTrackers. We’ve been able to turn many reviews around by listening to feedback and contacting customers whose experience was less than exemplary. I’d definitely recommend ReviewTrackers.

ReviewTrackers has been a great way to track what our patients are saying. It also has allowed us to easily request reviews from patients who had a great experience with our office, and it keeps everything organized for me within the dashboard.

The customer service provided by Review Trackers is exceptional! They always go above and beyond to best serve their customers.

This is a great tool for business! Customer service is on point and always there! Crystal has gone above and beyond to assist me continuously; she is the definition of customer service.

ReviewTrackers is a great tool that consolidates reviews for multiple businesses all in one place. (It) makes reputation management a much easier task.

ReviewTrackers is an excellent and easy-to-use tool to both request and then monitor reviews of your business on all the major sites (Yelp, Google, Merchantcircle, etc.).

I’ve tried a handful of services and I like ReviewTrackers. I really think you have the best review monitoring system in the market.

Great tool for my agency and our progress in creating a strong digital footprint. Emily from ReviewTrackers has always been available and resourceful.

We use ReviewTrackers to create a greater online reputation for our customers. It’s quick and easy, and I would highly recommend the product.

ReviewTrackers has been one of the best and most effective tools we have added to our arsenal of reporting programs. I would recommend this product to anyone who cares about the pulse of their business.

This is the way to go. It’s made it so easy for us to stay on top of our customer reviews. There isn’t a question that the ReviewTrackers team hasn’t answered clearly and promptly. Sometimes a company will sign you on and then the customer service basically signs off. Not ReviewTrackers.

Customer service like none other. There isn’t a question that the team hasn’t answered clearly and promptly. Sometimes a company will sign you on and then the customer service basically signs off. Not ReviewTrackers. I also find the dashboard to be very user-friendly. I can jump around with ease and analyze data between our restaurants and different time periods. When I present the data to my CEO, it’s spot-on.

We’ve been using ReviewTrackers for months now to keep track of our 4 different restaurant/bars and it’s proven to be an awesome tool. I’ve been able to turn around a ton of 1-star reviewers into customers once again because of my quick response to their problems.

We’ve used ReviewTrackers to help manage our online reputation for going on two years now. The UI is simple and intuitive, and the aggregated review score has become an immensely useful KPI for our management team. It has allowed us to really achieve review responses within 24 hours, and we’ve seen our review score rise, and a real bump in walk in traffic in our locations. A real one-stop shop for online reputation management, and their service team is phenomenal. Now go sign up already!

ReviewTrackers makes it really easy to track your online reviews from many sources and to reach out to customers to get more great reviews. I highly recommend their service.

I can’t give enough thanks to Crystal! She offers amazing support for ReviewTrackers, and is never afraid to step in and help me out!

This service is a time-saver. We have all of our reviews in one location which keeps us from scouring the Internet’s many review sites to find our good and negative reviews.

ReviewTrackers’ dedication to making sure the product is tailored to our needs is greatly appreciated. The support team is second to none. Five stars all around!

Our key team players all love ReviewTrackers! Reviews are so important for our clients, managing reviews is of utmost importance, we don’t have time to deal with anyone else.

ReviewTrackers has been the most helpful review company we have worked with at Saint Clement, from customer service to understanding review sites and what reviews can do to help our parish.

Our company has been using ReviewTrackers for a while now. I like how easy it is for everyone at the dealership to see our reviews in one place and to respond to them. Great service!

Super product, very responsive customer service. Could not be happier.

I have been very pleased with ReviewTrackers. It is an affordable and easy to use system that helps me consolidate and be more accountable with my online review efforts for clients.

We use Review Trackers to monitor reviews from clients as well as for sending out emails to increase reviews. It has an easy-to-use interface and multiple ways of contacting clients for reviews.

ReviewTrackers has allowed us to see reviews come in at a timely manner. At the click of a link, we can respond immediately.

My health care client uses ReviewTrackers to monitor online review sites. It is used for the entire organization and alleviates the problem of not being able to dedicate staff to monitor reviews. Review Trackers meets my clients’ needs perfectly.

The visual display of data is SO easy to read and digest! The swift customer service is incredible! It’s great to have a direct contact that we can submit feature requests to.

ReviewTrackers has helped us gain a better understanding of what our customers are asking of us. Having the ability to respond to them in a timely manner shows them we care and are listening to what they have to say.

ReviewTrackers has given us the tools to be as informed as possible, allowing us to create a process for responding to feedback online in a timely manner. I have used other services in the past and have found the quality and ease ­of ­use we have with ReviewTrackers to be unrivaled.

Review Trackers has been an invaluable tool to not only keep track of our online reviews, but to request internal feedback and help increase positive external reviews.

The ease and convenience to the customer is what makes this really nice. The customer service and support at ReviewTrackers is super.

Great white label solution! Review Trackers fits the bill for clients looking for options to manage and track multiple review sites.

You guys are really the best. Very, very happy with the service.

Managing online reviews could potentially be a full-time position if it weren’t for ReviewTrackers. We receive same-day alerts when any reviews are posted about one of our 20+ providers or 7 locations.

ReviewTrackers does an outstanding job of helping us manage customer reviews across multiple platforms and locations. As our company grows, it’s important for us to maintain our close relationships with our customers and hear what they are saying.

A great time-saver and online reputation management tool! ReviewTrackers has proven invaluable for ease of use, alert notifications of new reviews, and the customer support I’ve received when I’ve had questions.

ReviewTrackers offers useful information that’s easy to use and share with our managers and staff.

I love a lot of things about ReviewTrackers. First, the ease of having your reviews compiled for you is phenomenal. Second, the notifications allow you to have as much exposure or as little to the reviews as you want. Finally, it is easy to use as a team or team manager. ReviewTrackers makes my job easy.

I was faced with a herculean task of compiling and parsing years of review data. Fortunately I came across ReviewTrackers, so I could collect all the data without having to spend hours organizing it personally. Couldn’t have asked for a more satisfying solution.

I enjoy being able to notify clients when someone is unhappy with their service. ReviewTrackers does a great job at helping us stay on top of our social imprint.

I love the ability to keep tabs on all locations in one place – streamlines my workflow extremely well!

Customer Service is stellar. Their team is incredibly responsive. Their dashboard is very easy to use and operate. It’s been a great asset to our reputation management. The program also has the ability to reach out to current clients for reviews.

Customer service is stellar. Their team is incredibly responsive. Their dashboard is very easy to use and operate. It’s been a great asset to our reputation management.

ReviewTrackers has given us the ability to offer our clients an easy way to share their experience. I haven’t found anything about this program that I don’t like.

We use ReviewTrackers for our three restaurants and find it one of the most valuable tools ever! It allows us to see all reviews immediately so we can quickly read and click to respond. We also find the collective metrics that can be pulled for any time period across all review extremely helpful. We create bonuses based on the store with the highest overall ReviewTrackers score. We are big fans and would highly recommend for any business operator!

Great experience with ReviewTrackers’ Support team. Love their responsiveness and patience.

ReviewTrackers is great! We just switched over: better service, better features & a better price.

ReviewTrackers helps us keep track of our review averages across sites for each quarter to see where we’re falling short and what platforms we’re thriving on. It keeps us all motivated and helps us to see what areas the problems are in so we can fix them!

ReviewTrackers has been an integral part in the reputation and relationship management strategy here at Cottage Inn. They have given us the opportunity to interact and engage. The setup process was easy, and I couldn’t be more happy with their service!

Crystal is absolutely wonderful. She answered all of our questions and gave us insight as to how the process flows! Thank you!

ReviewTrackers’ value from the ROI is fantastic. We get a wealth of insights shared amongst the right group of decision­-makers.

Using ReviewTrackers has made it so much easier to keep our online reviews organized. Online reviews are becoming a big factor in the world of online reputation and ReviewTrackers allows us to stay on top of them.

Great program. Makes tracking reviews quick and easy.

My company, COMNIO, uses ReviewTrackers to help track and manage reviews on behalf of our small business customers. It’s a great tool to have in our toolbox!

The software is great. Chris, Kevin and Crystal are first-class and a pleasure to work with.

This is hands down the best tool for monitoring and generating customer reviews. And it’s backed by outstanding customer support!

I work with approximately 20+ properties each with several venues. It would be impossible to read and respond to each review individually on each site. ReviewTrackers helps our work flow from start to finish when it comes to reputation management.

Great customer service, and tracks everything from custom list of sites on one dashboard.

I love working with ReviewTrackers! They continuously provide exceptional support and have a great, responsive team. I also love that they continue to make improvements to the platform and keep up with a client’s needs and wants.

I have only been using ReviewTrackers for a month now. I can already say they have helped us keep track of reviews around the web. Most importantly, they provide good user-friendly templets to request reviews from customers. Very satisfied!

ReviewTrackers has changed our interaction with the public. We finally feel like we have a pulse on the general public opinion on our restaurants which has helped operations immensely.

I would give more than 5 stars if I could. ReviewTrackers takes all the hard work out of monitoring and requesting reviews, leaving you time to analyze and make the most of the data and insight provided! Phenomenal product and an even better team behind the scenes supporting it.

We have received a fair number of reviews to our Facebook and Google accounts because of the ease (and) usability of ReviewTrackers. We love the email signature Feedback Link and how it allows us to obtain quality feedback from our customers. We have noticed a larger number of customers finding us via Google search since using ReviewTrackers.

We love ReviewTrackers because it is very reliable and on-target.

Such a great way to keep track of all of your business reviews. Crystal is very helpful and very quick to answer any questions I may have.

We’ve been using ReviewTrackers for a few months now and have been extremely pleased at the ease of use. It frees up my time to work on other things!

In the world of healthcare, word-of-mouth can be make or break for your organization. ReviewTrackers helped us build a stronger online presence by connecting us to our customers quickly. Features such as requesting reviews and custom URL landing pages, gave us incredibly unique ways to gain more reviews for our 100+ locations.

We love getting feedback from our clients because it lets us know EXACTLY what we are doing well and what needs improvement. ReviewTrackers helped us communicate with our younger markets easier.

Within a few minutes of logging into ReviewTrackers for the first time, I sent a handful of requests for reviews, and a few hours later, I received two emails notifying about new reviews on our listings! Reviews are such an important part of communicating your value to potential customers.

We are keeping better track of our reviews which helps us provide better service. Makes my job much easier! I also enjoy being able to request reviews and get feedback from our clients.

By using Review Trackers we are able to request reviews from our customers. I like the variety of emails that I can make and save for each type of customer I want to request a review from.

I have always believed that “you get what you pay for” which means you typically pay a higher price if you want something good. ReviewTrackers is definitely the exception to that rule because “you get sooo much more than you pay for” with this program. Being able to respond to reviews from a variety of sources in one place is a definite timesaver for our managers. But what makes Review Trackers the exception to the rule is that they don’t stop at what they currently offer. They continue to look for ways to improve by adding to their services while still offering a great deal.

Great product, great information, and fantastic customer service. ReviewTrackers has been a great asset to our company and I highly recommend them.