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Google, Google My Business, Google Maps
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Zomato (previously Urbanspoon)
* Additional fee applies **Included with Employer Brand package

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you add another review source to your platform?

To make sure we’re aggregating the most relevant data, we focus on the sites above. However, if you have a specific request or source you would like to monitor, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Can you add customer survey data to the app?

Yes, our integration with Gravity Forms make it possible send bespoke customer surveys directly into our platform upon submission.

Does every user need to be logged into a review site to see their data and respond to reviews from Facebook and Google?

No. We authenticate with Google and Facebook on the account level. Once you’ve authenticated, you’re able to designate which users have the ability to respond to reviews. They won’t need to be logged into those review sites.

Can you customize review alerts?

We have three different types of review alerts that come “out of the box” and can be customized by review source, location group, and other ways to make sure that a location manager, marketing team member, or C-level executive sees the data that’s most relevant to them.

Which of these review sites’ data can be accessed from your API?

Any of them. The ReviewTrackers’ API is available depending on the package you opt into. See our Plans

Do you pull all review responses into the ReviewTrackers platform?

We pull all available review responses in the platform. However, some review sites have the option to reply privately to reviews—because these responses are not public they are not available—and other sites (such as MyCarFax) do not allow any responses.

Does your application accommodate agencies and white label?

Yes. You can monitor review sites for any of your third-party clients. To streamline the process, it’s always helpful to make sure you have the right permissions for the Google My Business and Facebook / Facebook Business Manager accounts. Doing so will speed up your onboarding.

Can you respond directly to consumers from the app?

Google and Facebook allow review responses directly from the Reviewtrackers app. Other review sites do not have the same technical setup that would allow us to do so. For the sites that don’t allow it, our Chrome extension makes it easy to use your review response templates on any other review site that needs it—and have these responses sync with our platform.

How quickly do you see new reviews?

Review sites vary, but we’re generally able to collect new reviews within 24 hours.

Do you monitor Glassdoor, Indeed, or other employer reviews?

Yes. Monitoring for these sites is included in our Employer Brand package, which can be added to any of our plans for an additional fee. Please contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more.

Do you monitor app reviews?

ReviewTrackers can monitor reviews on Google Play, the App Store, Amazon App Store, Mac App store, and Alexa Skills. Monitoring app reviews counts as an additional location for your plan’s pricing.

Why can’t I ask for Yelp reviews?

Yelp prohibits businesses from soliciting reviews from their customers. Soliciting reviews can cause you to receive a “review solicitation penalty,” which makes your business less likely to appear on Yelp. ReviewTrackers’ only allows your users to solicit reviews for the sites that allow it—helping you avoid any solicitation penalties.

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