Monitoring online reviews gives franchises direct ways to track operations at each location, gain customer insights, and improve each franchise location’s SEO performance.

Customer experience management for franchises

With thousands of locations under their watch, CXOs at franchises can use ReviewTrackers to get location by location performance data, receive alerts for negative reviews, and recognize problems before they become major issues.

Find out what customers think about your brand

Customers are talking about their experiences with your brand every day. Remember: your brand isn’t yours to define. It’s the midway point between the standards you set and what customers actually experience. Use ReviewTrackers to see what customers are saying about you.

Every franchise review in one place

Every franchise review in one place

Highlight trends. Make operational improvements.

Track your reviews by region, franchise group, or individual location to watch performance over time. ReviewTrackers algorithm spots operational issues, helping you make the changes your customers want.

Highlight trends. Make operational improvements.

Get more reviews at each franchise location

ReviewTrackers’ software can sync with your POS system, API, and other franchise marketing software to make it easy to contact customers and ask for a review.

Get more reviews at each franchise location

Consistent brand experience

Ensure consistent experience across your franchises by keeping track of all reviews at all locations. Know when locations are underperforming and make proactive changes.

Consistent brand experience

Sit alongside your customers

Reviews allow you to see what your customers see, make changes and get results.

Andy Moore, director of communications at Hwy 55, uses ReviewTrackers to understand what it’s like to sit at one of the tables at his 100-franchise business. ReviewTracker’s sentiment analysis spotted an issue: the waitstaff was not getting to the tables fast enough. So Moore swung into action, initiating new training for his staff and streamlined his greet-and-seat process.

The results? Hwy 55 increased its rating from 3.8 to 4.1 stars. The amount of calls to the restaurants have increased 43 percent, and the number of Google Map searches that resulted in customers taking a trip to Hwy 55 increased 76 percent.

What did Moore learn? If you listen to customers, you’ll get real results.

Software that scales for franchise management

ReviewTrackers can be set up however your franchise operates to make sure the right people have the right access to the features they need.

ReviewTrackers can give regional and local managers limited access to the features they need to respond to and request reviews from their customers. At the same time, corporate marketers can see the entire landscape of your franchise’s reviews in one dashboard.

With API syncing, in-store kiosk options, and SMS review requests, ReviewTrackers fits nicely in any marketer’s toolbox.

Franchise SEO: why reviews matter

In our annual report on local search, ReviewTrackers found that 35 percent of all search traffic is now local — and one of the big drivers for local search is online reviews.

Before showing a local business on a map (or in the search results), Google’s algorithm weighs a number of things related to reviews:

1. Average star rating.
2. Number of reviews.
3. Frequency of reviews.
4. Sentiment in the text of reviews.
5. Diversity of reviews.

That’s why we’ve built our review monitoring software to track each of these areas.

For us, it’s not about building a cheap and easy solution to manage reviews; it’s about building technology that provides franchises with the best way to improve local search visibility and their review performance.

Franchise management software: reviews, reputation, and operations

Each franchisor has its specific concerns about operations. If you want to make sure franchisees are meeting the customer service standards set in a Franchise Disclosure Document, one way to do so is to monitor reviews.

You can set up alerts for negative reviews and tag any reviews that mention cleanliness, compliance issues, food safety, or other topics that a franchise group or franchisor may want to keep an eye on.

Workflows can be customized to fit your franchise structure. For example, regional managers can get alerts for every negative review, while individual franchisees are in charge of responding directly to their customers.

See your franchise’s review data in real time.