Meet Our Team

Meet the people behind ReviewTrackers, an enterprise-level review monitoring and reputation management software platform. We provide the technology and data that businesses need to manage, respond to, analyze, and collect online reviews across all major review sites.

  • Chris Campbell

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Kevin Kent

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Erik Skurka

    VP of Product

  • Nate Reynolds
    Nate Reynolds

    Nate Reynolds

    VP of Engineering

  • Ryan Bottorff

    Director of Marketing and Sales Operations

  • Jeff Pearlman

    Director of Sales

  • Zach Cox
    Ballin' Zach Cox

    Zach Cox

    Director of Customer Success

  • Kevin King
    Kevin King

    Kevin King

    Director of Marketing

  • Jesse Hinchcliffe

    Product Analyst

  • Justin Wolta

    Senior Visual Designer

  • Andrew Platkin
    Andrew Platkin B

    Andrew Platkin

    Lead Engineer

  • Migs Bassig

    Content Manager

  • Sara Vogl
    Sara Vogl

    Sara Peterson

    Client Onboarding Manager

  • Stacey Weiser

    Stacey O’Dekirk

    Customer Success Manager

  • Sam Bourjaily
    Sam Bourjaily peaces out

    Sam Bourjaily

    Associate HR Manager

  • Kris Craw
    Kris Craw

    Kristopher Craw

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Andres Ramirez

    Mid Market Account Executive

  • Ryan Schneider

    Customer Success Manager

  • Heather Randall

    Senior Inbound Account Executive

  • Stuart Greer

    Senior Account Executive

  • Max Schleicher

    Head of Content

  • Dylan Pozorski

    Business and IT Operations Specialist

  • Vincent Savage

    Mid-Market Account Executive

  • Mike Allen

    Inbound Account Executive

  • Yohei Kanehara

    Senior Engineer

  • David Kirk

    DevOps Engineer

  • Jen Trudell

    Senior Backend Engineer

  • Alex Carroll

    Senior Product Designer

  • Hannah Wise

    Inbound Account Executive

  • Cameron Pruett

    Inbound Account Executive

  • John Monco

    Customer Success Manager

  • Zach Attas

    Senior Test Engineer

  • Az Ahmad

    Junior Software Engineer

  • Steven Bromley

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Mary Sadanowicz

    Customer Success Manager

  • Mark Kennedy

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Jessica Olinger

    Office Manager

  • Jason Napierski

    Product Marketing Manager

  • Dan Cameron

    Sr. Financial Accountant

  • Dieter Kirkwood

    Ops Associate

  • Maksym Ostapenko

    Senior Product Manager

  • Adam Havey
    Adam Havey

    Adam Havey

    Account Executive

  • Corey DeRosa
    Corey DeRosa

    Cory DeRosa

    Account Executive II

  • Quinn Leary

    Sales Development Representative

  • Saul Ocampo
    Saul Ocampo

    Saul Ocampo

    Jr. Software Engineer

  • Mitchell Morrison

    Jr. Software Engineer

  • Roderick Thomas

    Sales Development Representative

  • Rexly Penaflorida II

    Content Writer

  • Michael Schmitt

    Backend Engineer

  • Abigail Bottjen
    Abigail Bottjen

    Abby Bottjen

    Sales Development Representative

  • Dylan Lehotsky
    Not Dylan Lehotsky

    Dylan Lehotsky

    Sr. Account Executive

  • Kelly Holme
    Kelly Holme

    Kelly Holme

    Customer Success Coordinator