Ziebart Is Tuned into the Voice of the Customer

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The Challenge: The need for efficient review responses and actionable customer insights

Ziebart provides detailing, films and protection services to customers via a worldwide network of approximately 400 franchise locations, with 800 Ziebart Service Centers in 32 countries. The company understood it needed to stay on top of online reviews and customer feedback, particularly negative ones.

“When a customer leaves a negative review and the business doesn’t reply, it’s a reflection of the brand’s presence online,” says Larisa Walega, director of marketing at Ziebart International Corporation.

The company also knew how customer feedback could be valuable in achieving a better understanding of the customer experience.

“The more we know about what our customers are saying about us,” adds Walega, “the better off we are in understanding their needs and how we can improve our operations.”

Due to the amount of reviews and feedback being generated in various digital channels, Ziebart’s marketing team was unable to respond to customers in a reasonable amount of time.  

Walega says, “Monitoring Google business pages, along with Yelp and every other review website, was daunting.”

Not only did Ziebart need a solution for monitoring reviews; the company also identified an opportunity to work with a technology partner that would help analyze customer feedback and gain actionable insights on the customer experience.

The Solution: Comprehensive review monitoring, timely alerts result in greater responsiveness to feedback

Using ReviewTrackers, Ziebart is more efficient than ever in monitoring online reviews and customer feedback. It has consolidated data from almost 22,000 reviews in one smart, easy-to-use dashboard.

“We monitor all of our stores and all of their accounts associated with reviews,” Walega says. “If not for ReviewTrackers, our staff would be checking reviews in their sleep. The tool has been imperative in our efforts to better communicate with our customers online.”

With timely email alerts and summaries notifying Walega’s team of the latest customer comments, Ziebart has also become more responsive than ever to feedback.

According to Walega, ReviewTrackers’ industry-leading reliability in the delivery of reviews and feedback data allows the team to promptly handle negative reviews and thank the customer for positive reviews. “The more responsive you are, the better your brand.”

This has led to improved brand reputation and higher ratings. Before implementing ReviewTrackers, Ziebart’s Reputation Score* was 3.6 stars out of 5; since then, the company has improved its score to 4.49. Stars — marking an impressive 25 percent increase.

The change has also been evident in day-to-day customer interactions and experiences. “We’ll get commended by customers for showing promptness and attentiveness to their needs when there is a negative review,” Walega says. “This is definitely a big win and would have been difficult to implement if not for ReviewTrackers.”

ReviewTrackers helps Ziebart measure and optimize the customer experience

With ReviewTrackers, Ziebart has also achieved a better, more accurate understanding of the customer experience, with key stakeholders gaining access to valuable review and feedback data.

“We reply to the customers as soon as we are alerted through the ReviewTrackers platform,” Walega shares. “We then forward our response, as well as the customer’s review, to a team of internal stakeholders to ensure the review is followed up on in a timely manner.”

Tuned into the voice of the customer, decision-makers like Walega have also gained awareness of other platforms and channels they otherwise would have missed. “ReviewTrackers has definitely saved the day and made us aware of the various platforms (where customers are posting reviews and feedback).”

45 percent of customers say they’re more likely to visit businesses that respond to their reviews 


ReviewTrackers API integration with POS helps measure performance and activate Promoters

Adept at using data to strengthen customer relationships, Ziebart has integrated the ReviewTrackers API into its point-of-sale system.

Walega explains, “Once a customer’s invoice has been closed out through our POS (point of sale), an e-mail is automatically sent to the address the customer provided, asking them to rate their experience using the Net Promotor Score (NPS) methodology.”

A perfect fit for Ziebart’s POS system and process, ReviewTrackers’ Feedback and Review Request tool is based on the NPS methodology and empowers users to create and send e-mail templates for requesting feedback and reviews from customers.

It intelligently filters feedback so that reports of negative experiences are shared only internally, while happy customers — the company’s identified “Promoters” — are provided with a simplified process for sharing their positive feedback on online review sites.

“Our NPS score has shown that overall, our stores are offering fantastic products and great customer service,” Walega says. “The reviews that are coming in support that, too.”

Integrating the ReviewTrackers API has also increased the review volume of Ziebart’s locations. They have sent a total of 51,810 review request e-mails.

She says, “We’re encouraging store owners to show more initiative in asking for reviews from our customers. Starting the conversation and being able to direct the customer to leave a review is helping tremendously. The process has been streamlined with the addition of the ReviewTrackers API in our POS software.”

As a marketing technology partner to enterprise brands, ReviewTrackers has helped Ziebart create the best customer experiences with feedback found in online reviews. Just as importantly, the organization is driving the entrepreneurial success of Ziebart franchisees.

“It’s encouraging to share with our franchisees the impact that their great work is having by relaying positive reviews back to them,” says Walega.