Custom Alerts and Quick Response Highlight Wood Partners’ Winning Reputation Management Strategy

average star rating

For 4.8+K reviews across 54 locations

custom review alerts

Delivering notifications to 190+ users

increase in reviews

Since using ReviewTrackers (06/2017)

Atlanta, GA

Real Estate

Number of locations

Challenges Wood Partners Wanted to Overcome

Increase efficiency in monitoring and responding to online reviews of 54 properties across multiple online review websites

Find ways to analyze customer pain points and improve customer experience in order to drive lease retention, resident renewals, and revenue

Identify opportunities to strengthen the Wood Partners brand in ways that create value for the company and its properties

Solutions that ReviewTrackers Helped Provide

The ability to quickly track and act on customer feedback using Review Alerts to maintain brand standards and deliver experiences that drive customer retention

Empowerment of team members and property managers to craft on-brand review responses that effectively address customer concerns using Review Response

A comprehensive understanding of property performance and online reputation through Location Performance and Reputation Scorecards to improve brand presence and drive revenue


Wood Partners, one of the nation’s largest multifamily real estate developers, relies on online reviews to monitor its brand reputation as well as the performance of each property.

Considering the large volume of online review sources, gathering (and managing) this type of data does not come easy for many medium-sized or enterprise-level organizations.

Wood Partners uses ReviewTrackers to solve this problem, and to centralize reviews across 54 property locations.

“There’s definitely a noticeable correlation between properties that have great reviews and reputation, their ability to generate more traffic, and the type of success they have in their leasing efforts.” 

Brett Murphy
Regional operations educator for Wood Partners


“We used to focus on reviews on Google and Facebook, but because there were other review websites, we weren’t necessarily getting a complete understanding of what customers were saying,” says Brett Murphy, regional operations educator for Wood Partners. “We didn’t fully realize how many sites we were not tracking because the process was manual.”

With ReviewTrackers, Murphy and his team have a more complete and accurate understanding of their customers, as well as a much better handle on each property’s digital reputation.

He says, “The flexibility of the ReviewTrackers platform, along with the support team’s ability to clearly explain changes and updates to individual review websites, have been very helpful as we continue to grow our brand online.”

response rate

Smart Response provides branded templates users can fill out to respond to reviews

review requests sent in the last six months

Ask for Reviews powers automated review request campaigns via email and SMS

of company’s reviews are 5 stars

Location Performance ranks top-performing properties based on review volume, rating, and response

Wood Partners has also set up 883 types of alerts to provide review notifications and summaries to 190+ users across the entire organization — ensuring stakeholders are able to stay on top of customer feedback posted on online review sites, minus the time-consuming process of doing so manually.

“The multiple types of review alerts help us understand quickly if we’ve hit the benchmarks we’ve outlined in our policies and procedures,” adds Murphy. “Our policy is to respond to reviews within 72 hours, and the alerts have also been helpful in ensuring our responsiveness to customers.”

In less than 3 years since using ReviewTrackers, the company has so far collected more than 4,800 reviews: a 626% growth. A 70% response rate also demonstrates Wood Partners’ strong reputation management capabilities: part of a cohesive organization-wide strategy to efficiently track customer feedback, strengthen brand reputation, and deliver experiences that delight customers.

“I didn’t even realize how painful it was back then to track even half of what we can track at this point,” says Murphy. “With ReviewTrackers, our ability to stay on top of reviews and reputation helps us keep a consistent flow of prospects coming to us even during difficult times.”

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