April 10, 2019

What is Tripadvisor Questions and Answers?

tripadvisor questions

What is Tripadvisor Questions and Answers?

More than ever, travelers like to research about places before finalizing their plans.

They make price comparisons. They check online reviews. They look for information on social media sites. And they post queries through tweets, comments, E-mails, and calls.

They’re also using Tripadvisor Questions and Answers.

So: what is Tripadvisor Questions and Answers? It’s a feature on the popular travel website that allows travelers to ask questions about a hotel or accommodation and get quick answers.

tripadvisor questions

Designed as a trip-planning tool, Tripadvisor Questions and Answers appears as a section on a Tripadvisor business page, alongside other sections like property descriptions, Tripadvisor reviews and ratings, photos, and contact information. Visitors enter a question in the box, and a representative of the business, past reviewers, or other members of the travel community provide timely answers.

The idea behind Tripadvisor Questions and Answers is to help travelers plan their trips by providing as much information as possible. Examples of questions that can be asked are:

  • Can I book local tours at the front desk?
  • Can the chef prepare orders that are outside the a la carte menu?
  • Is there an extra charge for the minibar?
  • What is the cost of laundry service?
  • What are the hours of the swimming pool?
  • Does the hotel provide transfers to the nearest airport/seaport?

Tripadvisor Questions and Answers: What Businesses Need to Know

For business owners listed on Tripadvisor, Questions and Answers serves as a unique opportunity to interact with visitors on the world’s largest travel site.

When a Tripadvisor user enters a question in the designated box, the business owner or representative will be alerted via email. The business’ response will automatically go to the top of the responses list. Otherwise, answers are typically sorted by upward and downward votes from the community, or chronologically by newest response first.

You can read and respond to the question by logging into your Management Center, clicking “Your property overview”, selecting your page, and scrolling down to the Questions and Answers section.

Here are some guidelines for responding on Tripadvisor Questions and Answers:

  • First, claim your business on Tripadvisor. You will only be given priority if you’re a registered representative.
  • Answer the question as directly, objectively, and concisely as possible. Tripadvisor did not design Question and Answers feature as a discussion forum.
  • Do not include links or contact information.
  • You can answer multiple times per question, if that’s necessary (like when something changes at your property).
  • Tripadvisor Questions and Answers is not the appropriate venue for reviews, questions or comments about a past stay, or inquiries on pricing, rooms, and availability.

The guidelines for Tripadvisor Questions and Answers are designed to protect you, as well as the members of the community, and keep the content business- and family-friendly.

“What if my business is not receiving alerts for new questions?”

If you’re not receiving Questions & Answers alerts, select “Subscriptions” from the dropdown under your username on any Tripadvisor page. Then select the “Subscribed” radio button on the “Questions & Answers” line.

“Can I flag certain questions or answers?”

Yes, you can flag a certain question or answer if you think there’s an issue with it or if it violates the site’s content guidelines. To flag, click the flag under the question or answer. Add details and submit.

“What if my answer is no?”

If your business does not provide what the user is asking for, don’t just write “no” as your answer. Emphasize the positive and help in any way you can.

For example, a potential customer may ask you if you have menu items for people on a renal diet, which you don’t. But instead of simply saying “no,” explain that your menu has other options, the chef can customize certain items, and the visitor can check out your business’ website for details. So: don’t just say no without trying to offer an alternate solution.

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