Your patients are using the Internet as a medical tool. Specifically: they’re consulting the Web to read health information, find online doctor reviews, check hospital ratings, and read other patients’ experiences. 

It’s important that you, as a doctor, are able to manage and monitor doctor reviews being written and posted on the Internet by your patients. This is why we created ReviewTrackers, an online review monitoring tool designed to help you collect reviews and other information from sites like Google+ Local, Dr. Oogle, Vitals,, Healthgrades, and HealthTap. 

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General practitioner, physician, and doctor review monitoring 

Monitoring online reviews is absolutely necessary for today’s businesses and professionals – including doctors, general practitioners, physicians, and hospitals. To help you listen and respond to what your patients are saying, we created the perfect tool – and we designed it in a way that is fast, simple, and easy to use.

Doctor Review Monitoring

With ReviewTrackers, you can: 

Be notified of new reviews. We’ll let you know as soon as one of your patients shares a new doctor review on a site like Google+ Local, Dr. Oogle, or Vitals. Based on proprietary data collection technology, ReviewTrackers monitors the Web 24/7, and it automatically sends timely notifications and review alerts to your inbox. 

Collect and centralize doctor reviews. Too many review sites to track and too little time? Let ReviewTrackers help you out. The tool aggregates doctor reviews from all major review sites – and centralizes all the review data in a user-friendly dashboard – so you can monitor and manage everything in one place. 

Analyze data and improve patient experience. What do patients really want? Find out with ReviewTrackers, which features powerful reporting and analysis tools to help you get to the heart of important patient issues and experiences. 

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For more details on how our general practitioner (GP) and doctor review monitoring tool works, visit the ReviewTrackers tour page. Looking to get started? Need to ask us a few more questions? Contact our friendly team or call (866) 854-7670 and we’ll respond to you ASAP.