How to Evolve Historically In-Person Experiences for a Digital-First Environment


This webinar will cover ways to shift your social media strategy to reflect today’s turbulent landscape. Explore various ways your organization can adapt and get creative on your social platforms to boost online reputation and overall image. We will be sharing some of our favorite examples of different brands who are creating a digital presence that keeps them top-of-mind with consumers. We’ll inspire you to take your own social media to the next level and prepare for the future.

Why Attend?

  • Learn how to adapt your brand and rely heavily on digital channels to connect with your customers.

  • Gain actionable insights in order to tap into your social media channels to engage your customers with your brand

  • Get inspired by different brands that are using social media to retain and attract new customers to guarantee a stronger financial return.



Chelsea Glosser

Social Media & Community Manager, ReviewTrackers

Chelsea has been responsible for creating, executing, and overseeing social media strategies that drive customer engagement, responsiveness, and satisfaction for multiple B2C and B2B brands. She is passionate about finding creative solutions to connect directly with audiences. She enjoys traveling, cooking, and exploring new restaurants in her spare time.