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Facebook Graph Search: Watch Out, Yelp and Foursquare

Online reviews aggregator Yelp is a big deal for consumers looking for local businesses. That’s how the site is able to generate approximately 86 million unique monthly visitors and a total (so far) of over 36 million reviews. It’s also become an increasingly relevant platform for business owners, marketers, and advertisers looking to connect with their existing and potential customers.

Social networking site Facebook is not to be outdone, though.

In a move that’s set to position the site competitively against Yelp, Facebook rolled out the new mobile layout for Facebook Pages. The current product for business users on Facebook, Pages has been redesigned to include local business data, star ratings, check-ins, and Call and ‘Like’ buttons. To anyone familiar with how the Yelp app works, the new mobile Facebook Pages look like they’re also going to help consumers more efficiently access local business information on the go.

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The update is accessible to all users on mobile browsers as well as those with the Facebook iOS app. The company added that these new mobile Pages will also be rolled out to users of the Facebook Android app.

“Facebook’s mobile Pages now look conspicuously similar to those in Yelp’s iOS app, which also feature action buttons, details, and a map at the top,” TechCrunch’s Josh Constine noted in a related article. “If Facebook can marry the utility of business details found elsewhere with a unique layer of trusted recommendations from your friends, and let you interact with a business all in one place, it could start convincing people to open Facebook rather than Yelp or their search bar when they want to know where to go.”

“The new design positions interaction – rather than content – at the top of the page,” writes Lauren Indvik of Mashable. “Users are prompted to ‘Like’, Call, Message and Share the Page, beneath which appears (if an advertiser has paid for it) Pinned Posts, followed by a preview of content from the Timeline.”

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Are you a Facebook Page owner? If so, keep an eye on your Page and watch as the latest redesign rolls out. There isn’t really anything you have to do in order to prepare your business in advance of these updates, but do make sure that the local business data on your Page is complete, accurate, and up-to-date. (After all, you probably don’t want wrong local data to cost your business.)

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