August 18, 2022

How to Improve Your Car Dealership’s Reputation

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Improving the reputation of your dealership couldn’t be easier, especially when you focus on car dealership review monitoring as the backbone for strategy. Doing so means that you lean on consumer feedback to accurately gauge the customer experience and use their thoughts to find new ways to not only delight future consumers, but to increase sales as well. Fortunately, powerful reputation management software can easily get the job done for any dealership while also providing a comprehensive look at your online reputation thanks to these X steps.

Car Dealership Review Monitoring Step 1: Claim Your Listings

Planting your digital flag by claiming your online listings is a must if you want to effectively monitor feedback. Consumers leave reviews on plenty of business review sites and it’s important to have a presence on some of the top listings sites such as Google My Business. ReviewTrackers is a member of the Google My Business Featured Partner Program, which means we can help with listing setup and get it verified for better consumer exposure.

In other cases, the process to get a listing up and running on these sites takes plenty of time, but you can use local listing management tools to ensure that your listings are consistent in terms of information. Having accurate, up-to-date elements within each of your listings ensures that consumers easily find you and have a stress-free experience before they walk through your doors. Combined with local SEO software, which helps with better online visibility, this crucial step can put you above the competition with just a few clicks.


Car Dealership Review Monitoring Step 2: Create a Review Strategy

An efficient car dealership review monitoring plan is only one part of a powerful review strategy. You’ll also need to have a plan in place that doesn’t just see your team actively asking for reviews but also set up for responding to feedback.

Having a dedicated group tasked with responding to different types of feedback is important from a brand reputation perspective, but it also helps you stand out from rival businesses. Letting consumers know that you’re willing to respond to their feedback, even if it’s negative, sends a message that you are willing to learn and improve the experience for other consumers. The same sentiment also goes for review requests sent by your team. By prefacing it with a short message telling them how their reviews can help you improve, you make it known that their feedback is crucial to your dealership’s success.

Car Dealership Review Monitoring Step 3: Analyze Every Piece of Feedback

After asking for reviews and setting up a system for responding to them, you can take even more advantage of the feedback by closely analyzing every piece of feedback. Take a look for specific keywords or phrases that point to trends that either show flaws in the operation or highlights in the experience.

Even with a team, however, this process takes plenty of time. Manually sifting through hundreds or thousands of customer reviews across different sentiments can be a painstaking process. Fortunately, modern technology has a solution. With customer experience analytics, you can utilize A.I. to look at a whole collection of feedback in a matter of minutes and provide you with a list of positive and negative keyword trends. You can then use this powerful data to propose changes that will directly impact the customer experience and even your customer acquisition and retention efforts.


As your car dealership review monitoring grows in size and scope, you can give it more support to better attract and retain customer while keeping competitors at bay. Adding competitor analysis can help you look at other dealership reviews to see where you can better appeal to consumers to your offerings. In time, you’ll encompass a wide range of reputation management software tools that give you bountiful insights that lead to long-term success.

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