April 27, 2022

Blog Writing Strategies for Local SEO

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Getting noticed by nearby consumers requires you to have some sort of blog writing strategy for local SEO. Writing relevant content doesn’t just help you rank higher on search engines; it also tells consumers that your company is well-versed in your offerings, which can be a crucial differentiator when the time comes to make a purchase decision.

To that end: we have a few ways for your content team to start writing informative content that both informs and keeps your brand top of mind to the consumer.

  • Conduct keyword research
  • Integrate local aspects

Blog Writing Strategy #1: Conduct Keyword Research

Before typing a single word, it’s important that your blog efforts are focused on the right place, which means doing some SEO research. Without it, your blog content won’t have a specific audience in mind or include themes that appeal to your consumers.

Start by using a free tool like Google Search Console to see how people are finding your website. Are there specific terms that are more popular than others? Are people asking questions on Google and then finding your brand as a result? Finding the answers to these questions can heavily influence your content strategy.

To get even more SEO insights, you can use tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs. These sites offer additional details about the keywords used by consumers such as overall search volume and related topics that can provide ideas for future content.


Blog Writing Strategy #2: Integrate Local Elements

While there are pieces of content that appeal to most of your consumer base, it’s also important to integrate some parts of the local scene into posts for each of your locations.

If your team will make an appearance at an annual festival, write a post announcing it and tell people why your brand belongs at the celebration. Write a post about how your offerings meet the specific needs of local customers. For instance, if you specialize in home repair, talk about how your services can help nearby residents from local weather changes occurring in the area.

Getting into this mindset of writing with a local lens helps to humanize the brand. Instead of just writing content that serves a broad range of consumers, each location has posts that show your company weaving itself into the fabric of the community. In time, this helps you stand out from competitors and keeps the brand name top of mind among locals.

Final Thoughts

Creating valuable content puts you on track to be a potential thought leader not just for your industry; but for nearby consumers as well. With blogs, you stay on top of new trends, answer queries, and provide resources.

Put it another way: as a brand, your content shows your investment in the community. You’re not just another store selling your own product or service; you’re a company with solutions that can help people in the area, which can be enough for consumers to choose you over a customer.

A blog writing strategy for local SEO is just one facet of your local search strategy. By employing tools like a local search rank checker and competitor analysis monitoring, you can create a powerful plan that can boost brand success for the foreseeable future.

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