Meet Our Team

Meet the people behind ReviewTrackers, an enterprise-level review monitoring and reputation management software platform. We provide the technology and data that businesses need to manage, respond to, analyze, and collect online reviews across all major review sites.

  • Chris Campbell

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Kevin Kent

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Eric Marden

    VP of Engineering

  • Emily Pamukov
    Emily Pamukov B

    Emily Pamukov

    VP of Marketing

  • Crystal Shuller

    Director of Customer Happiness

  • Emily Carl

    Customer and Events Marketing Manager

  • Jesse Hinchcliffe

    Business Solutions Associate

  • Camay Ho

    Product Designer

  • Hina Merchant

    Marketing Response Team Lead

  • Brian Sparker

    Head of Content Marketing

  • Justin Wolta

    Visual Designer

  • Nik Brendler

    Senior Engineer

  • Bethany Poore

    Office Manager

  • Mandy Yoh

    Head of Communications

  • Subhashini Sriram

    Director of Product

  • Megan Wenzl
    Megan Wenzl

    Megan Wenzl

    Content Marketing Specialist

  • James Bond

    Director of Enterprise Sales

  • Andrew Platkin
    Andrew Platkin B

    Andrew Platkin

    Junior Engineer

  • Ben Rifken01
    Ben Rifken02

    Ben Rifken

    Media Production Manager

  • Migs Bassig

    Content Manager

  • James Bird

    Performance Marketing Manager

  • Zach Cox
    Ballin' Zach Cox

    Zach Cox

    Customer Happiness Manager

  • Lucas Rim
    Lucas Rim slips

    Lucas Rim

    Apprentice Engineer

  • Nick Hobart
    Nick Hobart

    Nick Hobart

    Senior Engineer

  • Rob Linden
    Rob Linden

    Rob Linden

    Financial Analyst

  • Dermot Haughey

    Dermot Haughey

    Senior Engineer

  • Sara Vogl
    Sara Vogl

    Sara Vogl

    Client Onboarding Manager

  • Nigel Liaw
    Nigel Liaw

    Nigel Liaw

    Account Executive

  • Tim Hackel
    Tim Hackel

    Tim Hackel

    Sales Development Representative

  • Stacey Weiser
    Stacey Weiser

    Stacey Weiser

    Customer Success Specialist

  • Cesar Figueroa
    Cesar Figueroa

    Cesar Figueroa

    Senior User Interface Engineer

  • Nate Reynolds
    Nate Reynolds

    Nate Reynolds

    Senior Engineer

  • Paige Henry
    Paige Henry

    Paige Henry

    Inside Sales Representative

  • Jason Alami
    Jason Alami is watching you

    Jason Alami

    Junior Engineer

  • Sam Bourjaily
    Sam Bourjaily peaces out

    Sam Bourjaily

    Corporate Recruiter

  • Suresh

    Software Engineer

  • Siva

    Software Engineer

  • Sujith

    Software Engineer

  • Venkat

    Software Engineer

  • Vara

    Software Engineer