What is Review Trackers?

Review Trackers is the industry’s leading online review monitoring and management tool for businesses with one or more physical locations. Using proprietary Web crawling and data collection technology, the tool tracks, aggregates, and analyzes reviews from TripAdvisor, Google, Foursquare, and all major community-based review sites – and growing.

Using Review Trackers, you can listen closely and respond promptly to customers – in ways that protect your reputation, drive your sales, and improve your business performance.

Our Story

The Review Trackers story begins in early 2012, when company founder Chris was working with an online marketing client – a major retailer with hundreds of business locations – who needed a way to track and manage reviews posted online by customers. A few companies on the Internet claimed they could do it, but their tools and services didn’t really do a good job of solving the problem.

A natural problem solver, Chris wanted something better. So he built it.

A software-as-a-service (SaaS) tool featuring proprietary intelligent review monitoring technology, Review Trackers is trusted by thousands of businesses in the US, in a wide variety of industries and sectors. The tool features automatic review alerts and notifications (via E-mail), advanced data analytics, customizable reports and data visualizations, multiple user collaboration, and review request services. Today, we continue to help business owners protect their online reputation, while also delivering critical insights that identify critical customer service issues that need to be solved, or operational policies that may need to be changed.

Meet the Team

If you think Review Trackers is awesome, wait until you meet the people behind it. Led by founder Chris Campbell, our team is a group of developers, designers, experienced online marketers, social media specialists, reputation management pros, ninjas, and all-around, problem-solving rock stars working together to deliver the industry’s best review management and monitoring solution.