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Attention, business owners: your Yelp reviews and ratings may soon appear on Yahoo search results.

This is based on a recent report by the Wall Street Journal, which indicated that a partnership between the online reviews site and search engine is set to be formed. “(The partnership) will incorporate Yelp’s listings and reviews of local businesses into results on Yahoo’s search engine,” wrote WSJ’s Douglas MacMillan.

What does this mean? Likely, it means that whenever potential customers type in your business or company name on Yahoo and perform a search, your Yelp ratings and reviews will appear as part of the results. The move might also attract more Yahoo users to sign up and use Yelp.

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Analyzing the possible objectives of the partnership, MacMillan wrote, “Data about local businesses has become an important part of search engines and other online services as consumers rely on smartphones to navigate the physical world.” And it’s truer than ever: recent research shows that consumer trust in online reviews is on the rise – with about 79 percent of consumers saying they trust reviews as much as they do personal recommendations made by friends and family.

Yelp and Yahoo joining hands is similar to the partnership formed last year by travel reviews site TripAdvisor and Microsoft’s search engine Bing. According to the WSJ report, there are also plans to incorporate not just Yelp’s reviews and ratings, but also its photos of local businesses, as uploaded by local communities of Yelp users.

For Yahoo, the partnership also means that it will soon be able to tap into Yelp’s local business data, thereby beefing up its search engine and helping distinguish it further from that of search engine giant Google.

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