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Apple Watch is one of the hottest new consumer electronic products in town – and even local businesses are poised to benefit from its launch.

The smartwatch, which offers integration with iOS and other Apple products and services, comes with a number of default apps as well as the ability to add more from the Apple Watch app store – and the latter is where businesses can leverage Apple Watch technology in ways that drive performance and engagement with Apple-Watch-wearing customers.

Yelp and TripAdvisor on Apple Watch: Wrist Reviews

Just a few days ago, online review sites Yelp and TripAdvisor introduced their respective Apple Watch apps – enabling users to connect with local businesses through their smartwatch and find information like online reviews, star ratings, business category, price range, customer feedback,

The all-new TripAdvisor Apple Watch app focuses on providing traveler reviews, ratings, and photos of TripAdvisor-listed hotels, restaurants, and attractions. It also features the TripAdvisor Glance, which offers recommendations for nearby points of interest based on the Apple Watch user’s time exact location and time of day. For example, in the evening, TripAdvisor Glance can find highly rated restaurants and suggest places to go to for dinner.

“With the launch of the TripAdvisor Apple Watch app, users can now carry the invaluable insights of millions of travelers on their wrists,” said Adam Medros, Senior VP for Global Product at TripAdvisor, in a statement. “Whether around town or traveling somewhere new, the app helps make exploring on-the-go even more elegant and effortless. TripAdvisor is already the world’s most popular travel app with 175 million mobile app downloads worldwide on the phone and tablet, and we look forward to extending our timely travel insights to even more people through the Apple Watch.”

“TripAdvisor is already the world’s most popular travel app with 175 million mobile app downloads worldwide on the phone and tablet…”

Other features of the TripAdvisor app include walking directions, the ability to save favorite businesses, and an array of search options based on popularity and distance.

The Yelp Apple Watch app, meanwhile, serves up information on nearby restaurants, bars, cafes, and other local businesses – along with star ratings, reviews (recommended reviews and review highlights), directions, distance, hours of operation, and price range.

customer feedback


“We’ve stylishly packed in millions of local reviews with petite precision so you have vast insider knowledge right at your fingertips,” said Madhu Prabaker, Mobile Product Manager at Yelp. “In this new world where your wrist is the landscape, Yelp steps up once again as your trusted compass. Now it’s even easier to access local business information when you need it most – while out and about looking for a place to grab a bite, meet a friend, or find the closest mood-boosting latte.”

The Yelp app is already available for download, while the TripAdvisor app for Apple Watch is set to launch on April 24.


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