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Do you have a gluten-free menu? What are your hours of operation? Do you do delivery? Is your place pet-friendly and can I bring my dog inside? What are your best-sellers? Has your restaurant been inspected by officials for health and hygiene? 

These are only some of the questions that people ask when they’re looking to find great local businesses on Yelp. That’s why, apart from collecting online reviews and ratings, the site also displays other important types of business information for users to check out. It even added restaurant inspection scores not too long ago. 

In a move that’s in line with its mission of helping consumers discover great local businesses, the online review site is now listing business establishments that accept digital currency Bitcoin.

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An increasingly popular peer-to-peer payment system, Bitcoin was introduced in 2009, and has since enabled users to make secure, cost-effective payments via the Internet. The technology operates with no central authority or banks, and managing transactions and issuing Bitcoins is collectively carried out by the network.

Wrote Justin Overdorff, Business Development executive at Yelp: “We’re constantly thinking about how to make our business attributes more useful for consumers and businesses. That’s why… we’re adding a new attribute: ‘Accepts Bitcoin: Yes.’”

The Bitcoin information appears just below the types of payment a business accepts (credit cards, cash-only, etc.). This is available not just for restaurants, but also for other local businesses like shops, hotels, museums, cafes, and more.

If you’re a review management professional or business owner listed on Yelp, you can now let customers know whether or not you’re accepting Bitcoin. Just log into your Yelp dashboard on and update the payment forms you accept. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to optimize your Yelp business page or listing, check out our essential guide and follow the tips!

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  1. Justin Paw

    Finally. I can easily find place where I can spend my Bitcoins. Great job at Yelp. They finally realized that Bitcoins are the future of the payment system and started helping people who would like to pay with this currency. Keep up the good work.