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The world and how people interact with their surroundings is changing at an unprecedented speed. Ten years ago, we would not have imagined a society where the virtual and global workforce keeps taking gigantic steps and growing parallel with technological developments.

Similarly, a food delivery service, something that was exclusive to big cities and pizzerias, is becoming the norm even in small towns. The menu drawer in the kitchen featuring printed menus of our favorite local digs has been replaced by far more interactive interfaces that place food selection, ordering, and delivery right at your fingertips. This added convenience empowers customers to include your venue when making dining decisions that include delivery, thus expanding your profitability, particularly during high-traffic hours when the covers in your restaurant might be limited, and the waiting time to be seated may be extra long.

Beginning in 2013, Yelp began integrating Eat24, a company dedicated to food ordering and delivery, to their online review platform. This equipped Yelp users with a seamless integration that allowed them to place delivery or to-go orders with a simple click after validating their restaurant of choice through reading their online reviews.

Recently, Yelp announced the acquisition of Eat24, making this awesome platform the newest member of the Yelp family. Because restaurants live or die by volume and margin, we want to take a closer look at how you can leverage this partnership as you work toward increasing customer engagement and boosting sales.

Without On-Location, Sensorial Feedback, Customers Must Rely on Reviews

Having an interface that allows you to easily place your orders for pick-up and delivery (special preferences included) is only good if you as a customer are persuaded to order. This is no problem for a loyal customer interacting with his or her favorite restaurants since he or she will have strong familiarity with the offerings; but it can be tricky when a restaurant is trying to reach out to a wider audience and secure new customers.

This is where online reviews and review management come in. Word of mouth from a trusted community is often as appealing as having tasted or experienced a particular food. In most instances, a good review will suffice to tip the scales and trigger engagement even if the potential patron has never experienced your product.

For restaurateurs, this is outstanding news. Your positive reviews provide insights that mimic sensorial experiences through the use of language and images. Yelp, in tandem with Eat24, stands to help you leverage sales not only with your most loyal customers but also by giving new customers a chance to try you out in a setting conducive to consumer confidence. 

A One-Stop Shop Makes Sense for Business and for Consumers

In the past, patrons who preferred the delivery or take-out option were limited to the phone if they had any type of special request or preference. Eat24 has evolved into a platform that makes ordering with special requests simple and easy. By using an online or mobile ordering system, there is a significant reduction of errors.

For example, phone orders during which the restaurant representative might have misheard, or the customer placing the order failed to recollect the details of his or her order, are circumvented. This reduces frustration on the part of the customer, as well as the kitchen staff who may lack clarity pertaining specific orders. 

Eat24 on Yelp Is Relevant to the Way People Lead Life

With most families living under a double-income model, the time for meal preparation is limited, and take-out and delivery become more relevant. Having the right tools to make ordering and tracking favorites easy absolutely makes sense for this segment. In addition, Eat24 provides customers with loyalty points that can be used across all member restaurants, resulting in increased engagement. 

Eat24 on Yelp Is Pick-Up and Delivery Friendly

Many restaurants have attempted to set up their own ordering platform, but oftentimes the user experience leaves much to be desired. Some are only delivery friendly, while others are only takeout-friendly, and most of the interfaces can be frustrating to use when the patron has specific requests or allergies. Eat24, on the other hand, is simple and straightforward but full of outstanding features that make ordering food simple. Furthermore, the customer is equipped with additional features such as favorite restaurants, maximizing the potential for engagement. 

Eat24 on Yelp Makes Sense for Small Restaurants

If you are a small, single-unit restaurant with limited funds for Web development and you have a limited number of covers, then Eat24 on Yelp has a ton of potential to help you grow your business without making huge investments. By making delivery and take-out easy, you can leverage kitchen and staff and deliver more meals than ever before, without having to add extra real estate that you are unlikely to use during low periods.

In addition to helping you at an operational level, by using Eat24 in tandem with your Yelp profile you will not need to spend your marketing dollars on creating your own online-ordering solution. Instead, you will have an out-of-the-box ordering system that has proven to increase conversion and provides users with a sense of familiarity across various dining establishments. Take a look at how small restaurants are maximizing their revenues through the use of Eat24.

Eat24 on Yelp Can Potentially Increase Customer Satisfaction and Trigger Reviews

There are many ways in which this partnership can help your online reputation. More customers ordering from you means more reviews. More reviews means more credibility. In addition to increased traffic and review volume, you are likely to have increased customer satisfaction through accuracy in orders, and decreased frustration when interacting with your venue through the phone. Additionally, because patrons found your venue by using Yelp, they will have increased recall as well as a statistically higher level of engagement with review sites, not only as passive shoppers but also as reviewers.

Eat24 is not a freebie, but you stand to gain significant value through it, and the simplicity of the tool can save you money as far as having to develop and run your own site-based ordering system. Take a moment to discuss internally if Eat24 on Yelp is a smart move to help your restaurant’s reputation and sales volume grow, as customers gain one more way to interact with you.

Kevin Kent

Kevin is the Director of Finance and Operations at ReviewTrackers. Every day he finds creative ways to solve business owners' problems and identifies key issues to help them achieve top results.


  1. Rajesh K

    I’ve never had much luck ordering online with restaurants. Especially if you try and make any substitutions. Hopefully this will help.

    • Janet Krakowski

      Eat 24’s interface is pretty fool proof. I suppose it might depend on where you’re ordering from. But I’ve used it before and everything turned up on time as ordered.

  2. Raul LagoSmallBiz Sue

    This is awesome, now there will be a lot more reviews to look up for before you order food. I am always reading others reviews to ensure about food and service quality. I skipped ordering food from some restaurants just because they had no customer reviews. Hopefully this marriage will lead to generating more restaurant reviews.

    • Roshaun Philips

      I even avoid places which don’t have recent reviews. If no one left a review in last 2 moths and the management didn’t bother to do something about that, then it’s a clear sign of negligence.