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Reviews and ratings on Yelp have a major impact on a business’ online reputation.

According to recent research by Nielsen, consumers today consider Yelp as the most influential, most trustworthy, and highest-quality review site. And, according to Harvard Business School, every one-star rating change on Yelp can make a 5 to 9 percent difference in sales.

That’s why it’s critical for every business owner and marketer to have tools in place for managing Yelp and improving their reviews, ratings, and reputation on the site.

Updated “Yelp for Business Owners” app

One such tool is the “Yelp for Business Owners” mobile app, which the online review site launched late last year.

Developed for Yelp-listed, on-the-go business owners, the mobile app can help bolster businesses’ review management and customer experience strategy. It offers real-time mobile notifications of new Yelp reviews and messages, the ability to respond to reviews, and access to important data on a business owner’s Yelp business page activity, like number of user views and customer leads generated over the past 30 days.

Recently, Yelp introduced a set of updates to the “Yelp for Business Owners” app. The latest version enables users to:

Upload photos of your business from the app. Previously, you could only upload photos to your Yelp business page using a laptop or desktop computer. Now, you can use your smartphone or mobile device.

So if your page still doesn’t have good high-quality photos of your business location, your products, your services, and your awesome team, or if your page simply needs some fresh new pics, snap some shots and upload them using “Yelp for Business Owners” app. This can only do good for your business: according to Yelp, consumers spend 2.5 times more time on a Yelp page with photos than on a Yelp page without photos.

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Upload a profile photo and start responding to Yelp reviews. If you’re new to Yelp (as a business owner), you might not know that you first need to upload a photo of yourself before you can have the ability to respond to your reviews. The updated “Yelp for Business Owners” app allows you to upload your photo using your mobile device and, once that’s done, you can write your review responses directly from the app, too.

Flag Yelp reviews, messages, and photos. Sometimes, other people abuse Yelp and use the site to post fake or spammy reviews, messages, photos, and other forms of content that are in violation of the site’s terms of service and content guidelines.

With the updated “Yelp for Business Owners” app, you can ping Yelp’s support team with a flag option and request for the evaluation and removal of the review, message, or photo in question. So stay on top of your reputation on Yelp and keep an eye out for spammers and trolls!

These enhancements should make your busy, mobile-enabled business owner lifestyle a little bit easier. For more tips, check out the ReviewTrackers guide for managing your business, reviews, and reputation on Yelp.

Don’t have the Yelp for Business Owners app yet? Click here to download (available for iOS and Android).

Migs Bassig

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  1. NicMoon

    This is probably a response to all of the changes Google’s been making to try and gain control of online reviews. It’ll be interesting to see how this all pans out.

  2. Jason S

    I hear they’re getting a lot better about taking things down if you flag actual abuse. Lately, they’ve even sued some people over fake reviews.

  3. spameater

    I really dislike users without photos. I really want to know who am I dealing with, so it’s reasonable to have such a response from customers and reviewers.