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You Wouldn’t Believe How This Hotel Manager Responded to Negative TripAdvisor Reviews

Talk about how NOT to respond to reviews.

According to reports, the manager of the Georgian House Hotel in Glasgow has been fired (and rightly so, we think) after reacting sharply to negative reviews of the property on TripAdvisor.

The unnamed ex-manager has repeatedly slammed guests when responding to criticisms they had posted on the popular hotel reviews aggregator.

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Here are some examples:

respond hotel reviews

“Honestly what do you expect. You pay little you get cheap. We are a Budget hotel. Get real.”


respond hotel reviews 2

“All in all I am sure potential guests will understand the type of personality that these guests had. How glad we are they will not be returning.” 

If you’re a hotel or hospitality executive, take these as examples of what NOT to do whenever your property receives a bad review. Other guests who did not particularly enjoy their stay at the Georgian House Hotel also received similarly vicious management responses.

respond hotel reviews pic

To Lynnieha, a guest who said she won’t be returning, the ex-manager said: “What do you expect for so little cash.” 

To another customer who complained about the “nasty breakfast,” the response was: “If you want a good breakfast go to the hilton and pay £100.00 a night. You pay little you get little.” 

Travel news site TNooz placed a call to the hotel earlier this week and confirmed that the hot-tempered hotel manager had, in fact, been sacked. A new manager is in, but he or she will have plenty of work to do. Currently, the Georgian House Hotel has 94 reviews on TripAdvisor, and 31 of these reviews rate the property as either “poor” or “terrible”; it has an aggregated rating of 3 out of 5 stars, good for only 20th out of 38 Glasgow B&Bs and inns.

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  1. Chris

    You missed this one!

    Its go to be worst reply ever to a customer review:

    “spoilt our day out”
    1 of 5 starsReviewed June 4, 2014
    if you like hard melon this is the place to go the customer is not right here never again overpriced

    Visited June 2014
    Was this review helpful?Yes9

    Ask brian f about Restaurante Ca Pepe
    This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
    MollyB1981, Owner at Restaurante Ca Pepe, responded to this review, 3 weeks ago
    I would like to respond to this review based on what happened with you yesterday. In almost four years of owning Ca Pepe I have never come across anyone so rude. In fact other customers came to speak to me after you left to say they could not believe what they had heard. Firstly you ate from the 3 course menu of the day including half a bottle of wine priced at €16.95 (approx £14) per person. If you consider that expensive for fresh food, courses of it and half a bottle of good wine it says more about you than us. You also said to me that the melon – which was perfectly ripe – was hard. The kitchen team tried it and so did I and it was perfect. We sold 20 portions of the melon and ham salad yesterday and everyone enjoyed it. Again you said in 30 years of living in Spain you expected you melon to be served over ripe and “very very very soft” I think your words were. I explained that we do not serve over ripe melon to our customers as frankly that is only fit for the bin. You were shouting at me and my staff – who had done everything to appease you including helping you change tables more than once. It was the only time I have told someone to get out of my property and never return so please do not. I did not charge you for the food you did eat, which I may add was all of it and the drinks you had, I just wanted you to leave. Please return to whatever rock you climbed out of and eat your “old” melon there. Your wife in particular was very rude and crass in the way she shouted and bellowed for pretty much no reason and it resulted in the chef coming out to see what was happening as you were so rude. I apologise to future customers and existing customers reading this for my direct language but I do hope that you understand that sometimes you have to stand your ground when it comes to some very rude nasty customers as we are here to do a good job but we do not deserve to be spoke to or treated like like dirt. We strive to provide excellent service as over 300 reviews on here show and although we know it is not possible to please everyone all of the time we do try to and will always try to put right what is wrong but on this occasion we could not and I hope restauranteurs in the area no not have to suffer them too!

  2. rock

    I don’t think the reviews were that bad although the last one was very personal staff work hard and have no doubt to put up with all kinds of human behaviour.
    I thought this guy was going to be threatening and abusive which he has not although his behaviour might escalate arguments people in this day and age can always take their business elsewhere.
    He should not have been fired and be forced into hardship over this I have seen far worse responses on trip advisor and more candid ones in Spain. The management should just tell him to ton it down or don’t be tight hire a diplomatic staff member to be the companies responder to reviews.

  3. AurorMine

    This actually made me laugh…You have to admit that manager had a point lol.
    ‘You pay little you get cheap. We are a Budget hotel. Get real.’ haha, excellent.