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Welcome to Customer Insights, a weekly digest of the most important stories about online reviews, customer feedback, and customer experience. This week: The ability to provide an enhanced customer experience starts with improving workplace culture.

Customer Experience Starts with Workplace Culture 

The Wells Fargo scandal gave banks an example of what happens when customer feedback is not taken seriously. And according to a recent survey by American Banker and Reputation Institute, consumer opinion of banks has improved since 2016.

The improvement is due to banks taking more responsibility with customers. For example, banks are careful not to trigger overdraft fees.

Banks that put the customers first and provide a quality customer experience will attract loyal customers.

However, the ability to provide a customer experience that meets expectations starts with improving workplace culture. Customer feedback is essential, but employee feedback matters, too.

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Customer Feedback Management Tool

It’s difficult for any organization to manage reviews on multiple platforms, which is why the implementation of an customer feedback management software is so important. One hospital that took advantage of a review management system is Miami Children’s Health System.

They understand the importance of online reviews, and they recognize that feedback can provide them with an analysis into the patient experience.

In an interview with, Robert Prieto, web marketing manager for Miami Children’s, says, “Primarily we’re looking for complaints, which luckily there aren’t many. We’ve been able to address the ones that were negative early on, but every once in a while you get a negative report.”

By adding a feedback management tool, healthcare organizations can ensure patient-reported outcomes are collected and prioritized.

Customers Judge Your Service

Customers judge customer service in the insurance industry. Why? Because if all goes well, they buy products they fortunately do not have to use, writes Micah Solomon, contributor for Forbes.

He goes on to write that insurance companies should invest in customer- and employee-supporting technology. Solomon highlights Starkweather and Shepley Insurance Brokerage Inc.

The firm understands that insurance clients in 2017 need to keep up with technology.

Larry Keefe, Chairman and CEO of Starkweather and Shepley, says, “Nobody would confuse us with being a high-tech firm, but we’re committed to using technology to leverage our human capital here, to heighten the client experience, and to make us more operationally efficient.”

When insurance companies invest in customer-focused technology – such as a tool to analyze customer feedback –they can improve the customer experience.

Consumer-Generated Content

Hilton has improved its customer experience with technology. Geraldine Calpin, chief marketing officer for Hilton, talks about five ways Hilton enhanced the customer experience with Business Insider.

These ways include being responsive to customers’ needs and taking time to think strategically before implementing the newest technology trend just because it’s new and cool. With that said, Hilton embraces technology: They were the first hotels with TVs and air conditioning, Calpin says.

Another way? Consumer-generated content (like online reviews). “Consumer-generated content has become a main pillar for us on social media and it’s been highly successful in that we see a deeper level of engagement with this type of content.”

Google Releases New Format for Hotels

Google said it’s releasing a new user interface and feature with local online reviews.

A Google spokesperson told Search Engine Land that the company wants to make sure users can find relevant reviews to help them make informed decisions about hotels.

With Google’s new feature release and the importance for hotels to engage with guests, hospitality organizations should listen to guest feedback online, respond to reviews, and request reviews from loyal customers.

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  1. Anh F. Mellen

    I don’t understand the problem with CX. If you sell a product or service to a client, and there’s a problem or misunderstanding, then fix it. Period.

    Just last week a friend of mine had a challenge with some machined parts. I use the same shop, so we took the parts back and showed them our concerns. They said that they would…

  2. Samantha

    I think that workplace culture has a huge impact on a business. People who are happy with their jobs are more likely to let that reflect in their work. If you love what you do and support the company you work for you will do the bet you can to give 100% in your day to day activities which will in turn reflect well on the company