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Savvy business owners in the travel and entertainment industry have come to embrace TripAdvisor as a trusted and user-friendly source for high-quality leads and valuable customer feedback.

Contrary to medical services and other consumer goods that fall into the category of necessities instead of luxuries, TripAdvisor stands out as one of the most consulted sources for traveler reviews, and is a compulsory step for almost anyone planning a pleasure or business trip.

TripAdvisor has proven to be highly user-friendly for both ends of the equation. Hospitality and leisure managers as well as travelers and consumers have a high level of credibility and comfort when it comes to engaging or using the platform to provide those planning a trip with information, and equipping travel service providers with excellent tools to connect with travelers.

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TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence: great for building brand reputation

With over 100 million traveler reviews and endless tools, campaigns, and strategies, TripAdvisor is no doubt an industry leader. The majority of businesses listed maintain a positive perception of how TripAdvisor influences their level of sales and engagement.

With over 60 percent of their reviews having a positive overtone and 28 percent likely to be neutral, TripAdvisor has also become essential in building brand reputation. For this reason, their Certificate of Excellence award is one of the most coveted industry recognitions.

Travelers come to TripAdvisor to plan and book the perfect trip. Certificate of Excellence celebrates the accommodations, attractions and eateries that make these perfect trips possible. Now in its 5th year, the prestigious Certificate of Excellence award recognizes establishments that consistently earn great TripAdvisor reviews from travelers.

Many hoteliers feel their TripAdvisor score paired with their Certificate of Excellence is far more valuable than their star ratings when it comes to online lead generation and trustworthiness. If your business is among the lucky few that received a Certificate of Excellence, then you have plenty to be proud about, and we want you to get the most out of it.

Your Certificate of Excellence will not only improve how potential customers perceive you when engaging directly with the TripAdvisor site; it will help in the shaping of your brand through other channels, online and offline.

Let’s take a look at how key travel and entertainment leaders are leveraging their TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence in a more holistic way:

Display It Strategically

Your Certificate of Excellence is not another personal award designed to hang in the general manager’s office. We see this mistake way too often, and believe us when we tell you it is a bad move.

In a small survey conducted by the parent company of TripAdvisor, 90 percent of those arriving at a travel venue said a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence displayed in public areas positively influenced their perception of the venue and increased the sense of comfort, safety, and quality.

So don’t waste the opportunity to set a transactional tone by not placing your certificate visibly in a prominent public place, before customers have their initial interaction with your staff.

If you have more than one certificate, then don’t be shy: the more certificates, the merrier. Display all your certificates as a way of communicating to those that walk in the door how your venue had a demonstrated history of quality and excellent customer feedback, as perceived by other travelers.

If your business does not have enough space to display your TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, consider a window cling. The clings will arrive with your certificate. If the size or look and feel of the cling does not go well with your branding, then you may create your own, as long as you have earned the recognition for the calendar year.

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Include It in Mobile Advertising

Surprisingly, we are not taking about smartphones or ads served via mobile devices. One of the best and most visible ways to feature your certificate is to integrate it with your fleet.

If your vehicles have marketing wraps, consider adding a call-out that highlights your Certificate of Excellence. The statistics fully support the value of mobile advertising. According to the mobile advertising network, here is how conveying a message in a vehicle is likely to benefit your brand:

  • Mobile advertising generates 5 times more attention than a static billboard (Perception Research)
  • 98 percent of in-car audiences indicated they notice truck-side ads (American Trucking Association)
  • 97 percent recall rate on mobile advertising
  • Outdoor advertising delivers immediate results for advertisers
  • 29 percent say outdoor advertising inspired them to visit a retail store within a week. The more time spent in the car, the more likely that outdoor advertising motivates consumers to visit a retail store. Those who travel (as a driver or a passenger) more than 260 miles per week in-car are upscale, educated, and far more likely to be employed full-time than the average American.
  • A significant amount of shopping occurs on the way home from work. Consumers report these purchases are contemplated during the day, on the way home. As such, outdoor advertising is vital to impact shopping and purchasing on the way home from work.

Imagine the impact of adding your Certificate of Excellence as your food-delivery fleet services customers in your town. People will quickly associate your venue with quality, credibility, and positive customer feedback.

Maximize TripAdvisor’s Widgets

Take every opportunity available to include your virtual Certificate of Excellence award in every possible online environment you can.

Give yourself a shout-out on Facebook, consider a press release, add a widget with your certificate to your homepage, and even consider including verbiage associated with your certificate in pay-per-click campaigns and other online marketing efforts.

TripAdvisor offers a variety of widgets that are very simple to install on most sites’ content management systems, and will quickly improve your engagement metrics.

Leverage Your Award to Create Repeat Business

If you have been diligent about collecting customer feedback and contact information, this is the time to use it. Why not send a newsletter highlighting this award, and invite your repeat customers to come and eat, travel, or stay with you again? A newsletter with such a high endorsement will not only have high open rate, but it will also most likely help you grow your business instantly.

If you are sending review requests using TripAdvisor’s ReviewExpress tool, consider revising your template to highlight your award.
Awards associated with organizations and sites that are well-known by consumers are indispensable in the shaping of a functional brand strategy. Businesses whose objective is to add trustworthiness to their brand need to remain industry-aware and take the necessary steps to be competitive and secure the most coveted awards and recognitions year after year. Don’t underestimate the power and leverage of awards and get the most value out of each by carefully incorporating it to your brand reputation and marketing strategy.

Chris Campbell

Chris is the CEO of ReviewTrackers. He has helped tens of thousands of businesses hear, manage, and respond to what their customers are saying online.


  1. Arnoldi

    I’ve seen several of these “window clings” I didn’t know that’s what they were called. I’m not sure how much it effected my actually visiting the venue since I’m already there when I see them but it certainly reminds me to leave feedback online.

    • Manisha Sithembile

      I usually leave a review if I notice one too. Especially if it’s right next to a free wifi sticker.

  2. nealcal

    Great tips for taking leverage of your Excellence Certificate, but unfortunately, before start using these tips in the practice I first need to get such a Certificate. Now back to work and start being excellent, so I can earn my certificate.

  3. Heinrich Sture

    It’s easy to be smart when you get the certificate. Of course you are going to brag about it and be proud, let everybody see it and make maximal advantage of it and try to attract as much customers as possible. The real question is how to get this prestigious certificate?

  4. Amanda Eicher

    This is some great advice when it comes to effectively using this certificate of excellence. This is a recognition you should not only let your customers know about but also your potential customers. Having the stickers on your business reminds people to leave reviews and tells potential customers to check out your business on yelp for some more information.