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delete negative yelp reviews

One of the main reasons why some business owners, company execs, and marketers fear online reviews – particularly the negative ones – is because the content of these reviews can potentially damage their business reputation. And it is true: in the age of Yelp and TripAdvisor, reviews significantly influence purchase decisions, and what customers say online can make or break you.

Some organizations apply best practice tips for responding to reviews, which enable them to protect their reputation in cases where it’s most vulnerable. Some, however, attempt to stifle or censor the criticism – filing lawsuits against customers, hiring reputation firms to delete bad reviews, and resorting to astroturfing and rating their own businesses with five stars. (Related: “9 Ways Faking Online Reviews Will Destroy Your Business”)

Everyone has their own strategies. Take, for example, these three chefs from southern California, who decided to use their sense of humor to protect and enhance their online reputation. In the same manner as celebrities reading mean tweets about them on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Scott Nghiem, Daniel Shemtob, and Jason Quinn –restaurant owners with near impeccable reviews and ratings on Yelp – read the nastiest, meanest comments about their venues, as posted on the online review site.

Chefs read negative Yelp reviews 

“The food sucks as much as the chef’s personality.”

“Everything about this restaurant was amazing…except for the food.”

“Waste of money, and I didn’t even pay.”

“This place sucks ass.”

Ouch. Those reviews hurt. Mind you: this isn’t the first time that a chef has taken to YouTube to address a negative Yelp review. (Check out what Seastar Seafood Restaurant’s Chef John Howie did here.) And while it’s not an approach that we here at ReviewTrackers would recommend to all kinds of business owners across a wide range of industries, the review-reading strategy is certainly much better than taking legal action, or imposing fines on those who write bad reviews, or hiring black-hat marketers to write fake reviews.

The reason is simple: it’s a light-hearted approach that demonstrates these restaurateurs are not afraid of negative reviews… and that they’re not about to have a meltdown over what diners say online.

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If you have any questions about or need help with managing your restaurant reviews on Yelp and all other major review sites, send a message to the ReviewTrackers team. We’d love to share the knowledge and insights we’ve gained from working hand in hand with restaurant industry executives to develop today’s leading review and reputation management software platform. And don’t forget to request a demo of ReviewTrackers today!

(Image and video credit: Food Beast TV)

Migs Bassig

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  1. Jenna D

    Lol. I love the one that says “they close at 9pm and we got there late.” So you gave them 1 star!?

    • Heinrich Sture

      I wonder if you could get something like that removed. It’s not dishonest; it’s just really stupid.

      • Fields of Clover

        Probably if you complain about it enough. It’s not like it reflects an actual weakness.

    • Tammyexperiments

      Yeah, I loved that one too 😀 My God, people can be so stupid…

  2. Juan

    I would definitely keep that one 🙂 It actually says more about that person than about the restaurant. I’m sure it can even boost the number of customers visiting that place just as sign of solidarity.

  3. Brandon M

    I loved this. It made me laugh so hard that my stomach hurts. There are people who are not taking reviews serious at all and they are providing 1 star reviews just out of fun. These 3 chefs made it look like as it should be. This videos are only going to help their business grow. 🙂

  4. Tim Walters

    Great videos. I am looking forward to hear more reviews by these guys. They are even better then the celebrities who read mean tweets.

  5. Nikki Stewart

    You’re right. Removing this review could be interpreted as censorship, but this is clear proof that anyone can write reviews and that reviews are mere OPINIONS not FACTS.

  6. WilmaP

    Hahaha. They are so cute. It’s really great when you land an opportunity to say to people what you think about them. I totally support them.

  7. Sanjay

    If these people ever dare to open a restaurant, I would really like to visit those places and leave them some “interesting” reviews.

  8. Jay Bird

    Sometimes bad or funny bad review could needle you to visit restaurant like this and make sure yourself in what you read. Gays are funny, and if the food is not so good you can enjoy in their comments and good stupid faces. They look like not disappointed, and wandered what are people bring with their review. Funny..

  9. Amanda Eicher

    Some of these reviews are a ridiculous and unwarranted. But these chefs take it all in good humor. This is a great opportunity for the business to create a positive interaction with a customer who feels like they did not have the best experience at the business. Use these reviews to your advantage.