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No More Waiting for the Waiter: OpenTable Expands its New Mobile Payments Feature

Online restaurant reviews aggregator and reservations service OpenTable is expanding its new feature – the ability to make mobile payments – which means that diners can now pay for their meals without having to wait for a server to bring them their check.

According to a report on TechCrunch, OpenTable is expanding its free mobile payments service to a number of OpenTable users and restaurants in New York; the company hopes to continue rolling this out to 20 more cities before the end of 2014. To be able to pay using their mobile devices, diners just have to add their credit card to the OpenTable app before they go for a meal.

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Currently, OpenTable allows diners to make online restaurant reservations and book tables at approximately 31,000 restaurants in the US. With the new mobile payments feature, OpenTable users can now use the app to have a more integrated (and tech-savvy) dining experience: book a table without having to make a phone call, pay for the meal without waiting for the waiter, and post restaurant reviews without having to go through a tedious verification process (Read: “OpenTable Reviews Program Explained”).

“Just as we solved the pain of booking a reservation, we have a tremendous opportunity to solve the pain of settling the check,” said Matt Roberts, Chief Executive Officer of OpenTable, which was acquired by the Priceline Group about two months ago.

“We have millions of diners actively booking reservations on our mobile apps and technology in more than 31,000 restaurants.  This combination makes us uniquely suited to power a payment and dining experience that is intuitive and elegant for both diners and restaurants.”

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If you’re a restaurateur who is interested in providing your customers with the experience of paying with OpenTable, you can learn more at

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  1. TomYoon

    Paying via phone is very practical, but I prefer paying directly to waiter or waitress (especially if she is cute and polite). It’s nice when you can personally thank for a good service and delicious meal.

  2. Hollaback Will

    I don’t like this,ok it is practical it will save you some time waiting for your check. But where is the human side it this we are not robots.Come to restaurant connect…..wi fi connected,get your orders click…eat……pay …click… can go thank you!!! It’s not for me.