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Are you in the mood for a romantic dinner with your special someone this upcoming Valentine’s Day?

Don’t take any chances. Read the restaurant reviews first. After all, you don’t want your special February 14 date turning sour because of bad service or bad food. At the very least, make an informed decision before calling for a reservation – by consulting the Internet and reading the stuff posted by discerning diners on today’s leading restaurant review aggregators such as Yelp, OpenTable, and Urbanspoon.

Restaurant reviews and reservations platform OpenTable recently released its list of 100 most romantic restaurants in the US. Using this list, we managed to track restaurant reviews of some of these places – this time from Yelp, where customers continue to take the time to share their dining experiences and rate their favorite restaurants.

Be sure to check out these romantic restaurants. And if you happen to live or work near one of the places listed, you’re in luck. OpenTable and Yelp happen to be two of the most reliable online review aggregators today. At the very least, by booking a (candlelit) table at one of the listed restaurants, your Valentine’s Day date is more likely to have a happy ending.

Oh. And congratulations to the restaurateurs who made OpenTable’s list!

Geja’s Café

Chicago, IL 

Yelp review: “Most romantic atmosphere I’ve found in the city! This is where my husband took me to propose and where I enjoy going every year for my birthday. I’ve been probably about 10 times. The food is excellent. You can substitute broth for oil if you prefer. The guitarists are amazing.”

Different Pointe of View

Phoenix, AZ 

Yelp review: “(This) place is phenomenal. A perfect date place to make an impression and here’s why. Ambiance:  The view is gorgeous. At sunset, you can watch the sun go down over the city while surrounded by small bonfires on the patio. It is beautiful, and once the sun has set, you can relax outside watching the beautiful stars against the dark sky and local hills/mountains. Seriously can’t be beat. Food: Excellent quality. Started with a delicious salad, followed up with an absolutely tender salmon and medium steak over some buttery scalloped potatoes that was designed to be art on a plate, and finally finished with a vanilla bean creme brulee that was just crisp on top (that nice crackle of sugar) and a smooth vanilla flavor throughout afterwards.”

The French Room

Dallas, TX 

Yelp review: “My husband and I went to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. The service was exceptional, the hotel and restaurant absolutely gorgeous, and the food – amazing! From the moment we arrived until the second we left, we were treated like royalty.  As others have mentioned, I was a bit worried about going to such a five-star restaurant, but my fears were put at ease the instant we parked at the complimentary valet.  Every single person we dealt with remembered our name (amazing!) and when we returned to the valet, without even being handed the ticket, they remembered our vehicle!”

The River Café

Brooklyn, NY 

Yelp review: “Awesome scenery with good food and great service. Wonderful place to celebrate a special occasion. My boyfriend and I went for our anniversary, and they customized our desserts with a chocolate placard that said ‘Happy Anniversary’ and our server even wished us personally a Happy Anniversary.”


Hollywood, CA 

Yelp review: “Guys, this is a restaurant to take your chick if you want to get laid. It didn’t work for the dude that took me here, but another glass of champagne and… well, anyways… The view is amazing, the food is fantastic, the prices are exceptionally high, the atmosphere is very shi-shi. They have great cocktails and the experience is great.”

The Sky Room

Long Beach, CA 

Yelp review: “My fiancé (now husband) and I discovered the Sky Room in the spring of 2011 and we were blown away by the 1920’s ambience, Long Beach Harbor views and delicious food. We were so sure The Sky Room would be out of our wedding budget, so we did not even ask. After 3 months of searching for a wedding reception venue, we happened to be in Long Beach and I suggested we stop by the catering office. We were blown away again; this time by the great value for the money of their wedding packages.”

RM Champagne Salon

Chicago, IL 

Yelp review: “Probably the most romantic restaurant I’ve been to outside of Europe. Excellent service, exquisite food, thoughtful warm ambiance. RM Champagne caters to the sophisticated palate and guests who crave an intimate, elegant dining experience. Tucked away with twinkling lights hanging above, it’s easy to forget where you are. Take the nod from the servers if you don’t know what to order. And without a doubt, try at least one Champagne cocktail.”

Romeo’s Café

Miami, FL 

Yelp review: “After years of wanting to go try Romeo’s, my husband took me for my birthday. The place is small and dark, decorated in a very old Italian style. As other reviews state, there is no menu. Romeo says each table gets their own menu, and we noticed that was true during our dinner. Romeo comes to the table and asks about your dislikes and allergies and then runs through some questions to understand your taste and preferences. We got the four course meal for $60 each. We had a special bottle of wine we wanted to drink for my birthday and brought that with us. The food was delicious: salmon carpaccio, lobster raviolis, a seabass a la francaise, and a risotto with filet mignon and truffle oil. As a treat, because it was my birthday and we had selected the four courses instead of the six courses, Romeo gave us a chocolate souflee to share for dessert. That was delicious, too.”

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