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As you might have heard in the news, social networking service Twitter and local business discovery engine Foursquare have partnered with each other to provide location data for tweets. It’s something that we’ve been hearing about for awhile now, but the Twitter-Foursquare partnership was made official only last week.

The partnership will essentially introduce a new feature on Twitter, which enables users to share to their followers the locations from which they’re tweeting – and thus add geographical context to their post. The new location feature will be available “soon” on Twitter for iOS, Twitter for Android,, and other mobile apps, with the location data being provided by Foursquare.

Check out how the feature works below:

According to the latest figures, Foursquare’s database includes approximately 65 million places worldwide, which should make geo-tagged tweets more precise than they have ever been. (For the most part, locations in tweets only displayed the general area a user was in, like city or rural country.) Meawhile, Twitter has a community of over 300 million active users.

In an analysis, Erin Griffith of Fortune wrote, “Beyond the product implications for Twitter, this deal highlights an aspect of Foursquare that the company is eager to tout: namely, that Foursquare is sitting on a mountain of data that is valuable enough for a social media giant like Twitter.”

Added TechCrunch’s Darrell Etherington: “Location-based tweets could do a lot to help Twitter extend its monetization and advertising options, as well as help onboard new users by providing them with location-relevant Tweets before they build their own timeline.”

Tweets powered by Foursquare’s location data can introduce unique opportunities for brands and businesses. These can, for example, enhance real-life social interactions between consumers and businesses. Geo-located tweets can also help business owners identify consumer trends and push promos or special deals to those nearby.

For more on what the Twitter-Foursquare tie-up and geo-located tweets may mean for businesses, check out our recent post: “Will the Twitter-Foursquare Partnership Really Improve the Value of Tweeting?”

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  1. Rajesh K

    Believe it or not I still haven’t begun to market on Twitter. I run a restaurant with a very active Facebook page; but I’ve just never quite gotten the hang of Twitter even for personal use. Perhaps now I have to.

  2. Christina B

    The other side of this is Four Square. I’ve managed to get a few of my clients checking in on a regular basis. So I’m excited to see if there will be any new functionality as a result. Anybody know what FS is getting out of this deal?

    • Rajesh K

      Sounds like it’s mostly going to be an up-tick in traffic. But I believe Twitter handles are going to start working on Foursquare.

  3. Kelsey Briggs

    This is good news. I wonder if the new feature is going to be integrated into how business put up ads on Twitter. Will you be able to post an ad that only people tweeting from a certain area will be able to see?

  4. Paula

    I don’t even have a Twitter account. I just never got interested in it, but after reading this article I already changed my mind. I will start using Twitter for sure. This feature seems pretty cool to have. I will always know from where people have tweeted :).