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Trends and Tips: What Your Business Should Know About Online Reviews in 2015

Early this year, travel and hotel reviews aggregator TripAdvisor celebrated a pretty impressive milestone: 100 million reviews and opinions.

But naturally, it’s not stopping at that number. The plan? To get 100 million more – and faster than the time it took to reach the first hundred.

With this in mind, TripAdvisor recently announced Review Express, a fast, free, and easy way for TripAdvisor-listed businesses to get more traveler reviews. Review Express is basically an E-mail tool that enables business owners (hoteliers, hotel GMs, and restaurant owners in particular) to bulk upload up to 1,000 guest E-mail addresses at a time and compose a message template with the business’ logo. (You can even add images to accompany the template.) This message will then be sent by TripAdvisor to the guests, reminding them to submit online hotel reviews to the site after their stay.

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The Review Express, which was being tested by TripAdvisor since November 2012, is a brilliant (and free) tool for hotels and travel-related businesses, especially those with no E-mail marketing program in place. The reminder E-mails serve not only as an effective and ethical way of generating more reviews; they also can enhance a business’ engagement with its customers, as well as potentially impact aggregated online ratings on TripAdvisor.

“Over 90 percent of both hoteliers and travelers say that reviews impact booking decisions,” a company spokesperson wrote on the TripAdvisor Blog for Business. “That’s one reason why you should take advantage of Review Express…. (The) new features, plus a streamlined set-up process, make requesting feedback faster and more effective than ever.”

Added Severine Philardeau, vice president of global partnerships at TripAdvisor: “With Review Express, TripAdvisor aims to extend the relationship between businesses and their guests to encourage them to write reviews. This is a time-saver for owners, providing them with a powerful system to manage multiple E-mails and requests at no cost to the business. When used in conjunction with our free display offerings for owners, Review Express provides a great online marketing package for small and independent hospitality business owners to capture the value of user reviews for their property.”

Review Express also allows business owners to customize their default messages in over 20 languages, as well as automatically send follow-up messages. Check out the video below for more details on how the tool works:

Interested to check the new feature out? Read the TripAdvisor Review Express Best Practices Tip Sheet to get started.

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    Some great benefits of this tool! And, it’s an elegant way to ask for a review from customers.