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TripAdvisor Races Past and Expedia, Now Captures One Tenth of All Traffic to Hotel-Related Websites

The Internet – along with social media and mobile technology – has changed travel planning inevitably. If you’re a hotel or hospitality executive, a tour operator, or the owner of a travel-related business, it’s therefore extremely important to be able to identify which sites your customers are visiting to find information and plan their trips.

It’s safe to say that TripAdvisor is probably one of those sites.

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According to newly released data by Experian Hitwise on travel website traffic in July 2013, popular travel and hotel reviews aggregator TripAdvisor has now captured one tenth of all traffic (10.22 percent, to be exact) in the US to hotel-related websites. Previously already at the top of the list, TripAdvisor added to 0.25 percent to its market share, driving more than twice the traffic generated by rival and second-placer (4.9 percent), owned by Priceline.

TripAdvisor’s continued dominance in online hotel activity has also enabled it to race past Expedia, an old ally which spun off TripAdvisor a year and a half ago. TripAdvisor still feeds Expedia many of its customers, though, which means that Expedia is still at the top of the list among online booking agencies.

Next on the list to TripAdvisor and are:, Marriott International (the highest-ranking hotel chain on the list), Hilton Hotels Online, Vacation Rentals by Owner (, InterContinental Hotels Group, Carnival Cruise Lines, Choice Hotels International, and National Park Service.

Experian Hitwise’s data could also give marketers and business owners a good idea of what exactly travelers and customers are looking for. The top search term for travel, for example, is still “mapquest” with 3.58 percent of clicks. This is joined by “google maps,” “southwest airlines,” “maps,” and “expedia” as the top five travel search terms in the US.

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