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TripAdvisor Marks New Milestone: 150 Million Reviews and Opinions

TripAdvisor is bigger than ever. Recently the travel news site marked another impressive milestone in generating user-generated content: it now has 150 million reviews and opinions, marking a 50 percent increase year-over-year.

If that’s hard for you to put your head around, think of it this way: TripAdvisor collects online reviews – covering hotels, restaurants, vacation rentals, attractions, and travel destinations – at a rate of 90 user contributions per minute.

“Fourteen years ago, TripAdvisor saw an opportunity to help travelers help each other make informed travel decisions by sharing their first-hand experiences, reviews, and photos,” said Steve Kaufer, co-founder and CEO. “Now, the Internet and user-generated content have completely changed the way we plan, book, and share our trips.”

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Here are other key figures posted by the company:

  • More than 2 billion unique worldwide visitors a year
  • Reviews and opinions cover 3.7 million accommodations, restaurants, and attractions
  • 50 million pieces of content were posted on the site last year
  • 24,710 TripAdvisor members have contributed more than 100 reviews

Here’s something else that’s really interesting: the 150 millionth review was a five-star review of a North Carolina bed and breakfast called Cameron House Inn. “Our stay at the Cameron House Inn was our first experience at a bed and breakfast and we were so thrilled to have such a wonderful time,” wrote TripAdvisor user Erin S. “Our reservation was for Valentine’s Day weekend 2014 and we traveled 2 hours to get to our destination…  We loved this place so much, we will return again and again! Thank you to Jennifer and Bernadette for their hospitality. We’ll see you again soon!”

The site’s huge milestone comes at a time when online reviews posted on TripAdvisor increasingly affect consumers’ travel plans and purchase decisions. In fact, according to a recently commissioned study conducted by PhoCus Wright, 77 percent of the respondents said they reference TripAdvisor reviews before choosing a hotel, while 50 percent do the same before choosing a restaurant.

Moreover, over 80 percent of the respondents said that TripAdvisor reviews help them feel more confident in their travel decisions.

“Travelers keep coming back to TripAdvisor because they find the user-generated content useful,” said Kaufer. “It’s so helpful that hundreds of other travel and lifestyle brands see the value in integrating our content onto their sites. We thank our passionate community for sharing their travel experiences on TripAdvisor and helping other travelers plan their perfect trip.”

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  1. Sammy J

    I am reading the article and the number like 2 billion unique worldwide visitors a year, 3.7 million accommodations, restaurants, and attractions and it makes me sad. I am staying at home for the summer for the 3rd year in the row and I am thinking about all those happy people who are checking TripAdvisor site to plan their Holiday. While I am checking my microwave to see if my (bought in supermarket) diner is ready.