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Are Some Guests Blackmailing and Threatening Hotel Owners with Negative TripAdvisor Reviews?

There’s no doubt that travel review site TripAdvisor has a significant influence on the travel plans and purchase decisions of travelers. According to the 2014 TripBarometer survey, 89 percent of all global travelers consider online reviews as influential when choosing where to book, and these reviews weigh even more heavily than personal recommendations. Furthermore, 96 percent of all hoteliers agree that reviews are influential in driving bookings.

It makes perfect sense for TripAdvisor to try and somehow make these reviews more dynamic and useful than ever for its users. That’s why, early this week, the travel site introduced “Just For You”, a new feature that delivers personalized hotel recommendations to site visitors.

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The feature is already available on all TripAdvisor-branded sites on desktop and the TripAdvisor mobile website on tablets. Here’s how the “Just For You” section appears on the site:

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Addressing travelers in a company blog post, the company stated, “TripAdvisor is all about helping travelers find the right hotel, so today we’re excited to announce a new ‘Just for You’ feature that provides more personalized hotel recommendations based on your individual preferences and travel research on the site.”

Here’s how these recommendations work. When travelers search for hotels or places to stay in a particular destination, TripAdvisor will present tags that represent certain travel preferences, which include travel style, location, hotel class, amenities, and brand. Users can select any of these tags, which TripAdvisor will then take into account, along with users’ prior research (search history) and contributions (collected hotel reviews and ratings) on the travel site.

Applicable only to searches for hotels (at least right now), Just For You is a recommendation tool that continually adapts and improves, based on how TripAdvisor users engage on the site.

Added Adam Medros, a Senior VP at TripAdvisor: “With the new feature, we can not only match a traveler with their preferred type of hotel, but we can suggest the trendy, boutique hotel located downtown with a swimming pool because we know those are the specific hotel characteristics you like.”

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