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TripAdvisor Acquires Members-Only Travel Community Jetsetter

Late last year, travel review site TripAdvisor released a study that proved how photos on one’s TripAdvisor business page could boost customer engagement.

According to the site’s research, pages with at least one photo lead to 138 percent more engagement and 225 percent increase in likelihood of a booking inquiry. Review site Yelp has echoed a similar sentiment when it comes to Yelp photos, revealing that indeed, a picture paints a thousand words.

Earlier this week, TripAdvisor introduced a new big photo page layout for its property pages. This allows SMBs and enterprise-level business organizations to more effectively showcase their properties and business locations – and, subsequently, drive engagement levels and bookings.

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The photo-centric page layout is designed to benefit individual users as well as business owners. If your business is listed on TripAdvisor, you now have the ability to feature a large, high-quality image across the top of your page – similar to how Facebook pages can feature a large cover photo. On the new TripAdvisor page layout, you can use a Management Photo, an Expert Photo (taken by professional photographers at Oyster), or a guest-submitted traveler photo.

Here’s a screenshot of the new layout:

tripadvisor business pages

To start uploading, visit the Management Center, select “Manage your TripAdvisor Page” then click “Add/update photos”. Upload your image (landscape orientation), certify that you are the manager of the page and that you have rights to the photo, then click the “Suggest as primary” button. The photo will appear within two to five business days.

Here are some tips to help business organizations make the most of the new photo-centric layout:

  • Choose high-quality images. Ideal resolution is 1024 by 340 pixels.
  • Be aware that the left side of the photo will be covered by TripAdvisor’s hotel price search box, which means that important elements of your image must be either in the middle or the right side of the photo.
  • Add detailed descriptions and tags to your photo. This helps you gain visibility not only among TripAdvisor visitors, but also in local search.
  • Consider updating your big photo regularly. This way, you can keep your page visually interesting while also showcasing multiple aspects of your property or business location.
  • Respond to your reviews. It isn’t just photos that help drive engagement; management responses to reviews do, too. In fact, those that respond to 65 percent of their reviews receive an average review rating of 4.15, compared to only 3.81 for those who have not taken the time to answer any of their customers’ reviews.

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  1. Christina

    I like the new layout. It gives everyone the opportunity to really focus on the type of experience they’ll be provided.

  2. Shaun Martin

    Graphics have come a long way since the early days of the internet. Even further in the last decade or so. No reason not to use this to your advantage.