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In an online space that’s increasingly being plagued by fake reviews, travel site TripAdvisor has found a way to encourage authentic reviews, written by real customers and guests.

TripAdvisor announced that it’s teaming up with American Express in a new program that allows American Express Card Members to connect with others in the TripAdvisor community for exclusive benefits and perks. Available in the US, UK, and Australia, the program also displays an “AmEx Traveler” badge for card members who connect their AmEx cards to the TripAdvisor platform – a badge that can be seen in online reviews they post on the site.

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To give the program a jumpstart, American Express will offer a $5 statement credit to customers who link their card with TripAdvisor and write a review for a business.

It’s a great way of encouraging the production of genuine, honest, trustworthy online reviews – by people who actually went to and used their cards at the business location being reviewed. For every write-up, there will be a tag that says “Amex Card Member Review”.

“Card members trust other card members’ recommendations,” said Leslie Berland, American Express’ senior vice president for digital partnerships and development. “Their views, their insight, what they’re doing, carries a weight and relevance.”

This weight and relevance will also be useful for readers of reviews, who can now trust that the tagged opinions really did come from real customers – and not from frauds trying to game the system.

By contributing reviews to TripAdvisor, AmEx card members can also unlock exclusive lists of hotspots around the world – as well as membership benefits, discount offers, and perks from participating top hotels and restaurants. These show up as savings on their cards; no coupons or voucher printouts needed.

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