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Trending Topics by ReviewTrackers

When you sit down to check out your online reviews, what do you see? A star rating?

Good. That’s important.

But what could be more important and valuable than a 5-star rating?

If you answered “sentiment,” you’re right.

The information contained within your customer reviews can be broken down, analyzed and put back together to generate even more meaningful information. Of the methods companies can use to gather customer feedback and Voice-of-the-Customer data, one is to understand what customers are saying within their reviews. Not just the text, but their sentiment — what they actually mean.

What Do Customers Really Mean?

We recently talked to Nate Reynolds, head of engineering at ReviewTrackers, about the significance of our new Trending Topics feature.

“I think what Trending Topics does is help bring underlying issues or opportunities to the surface — especially those which customers are frequently talking about in their online reviews.”

Reynolds said the precious data that’s already being collected by ReviewTrackers will now be used to unlock more value — so companies can see more than just a star rating.

“The star ratings and other structured pieces of data are easy to work with, but they don’t really tell the full story,” he said. “By analyzing the unstructured data, we can look for commonalities in reviews — both positive and negative — to help companies understand the true meaning behind it, and display those themes that are trending.”

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Seeing commonalities and “trending topics” in reviews can mean something different to each department within your company.

“Insights from reviews can inform your marketing efforts,” Reynolds said. “For example, they allow companies to determine whether or not they should push that new product or service offering. Or maybe during rollout, they can tune or tweak it because people aren’t understanding it, or the reaction isn’t exactly what the company wanted.

“From our perspective, I think we’ve been surprised by what Trending Topics by ReviewTrackers is able to find and highlight. It has definitely delighted our customers for the trends we’ve been showing them.”

Trending Topics is just the beginning of what ReviewTrackers can do to unlock more value from online reviews and customer feedback.

“We’ve just scratched the surface of different ways we can use those keywords and topics we identified,” Reynolds said.

Camay Ho, product designer, added, “I think as a company, we want to figure out ways to make it easier and help guide companies through the customer feedback that’s coming in. This is just one of the ways we’re starting to do that.”

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Megan Wenzl

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  1. Gabriel Esuola

    Great content here. When I see star ratings, I see either it was very bad (1 star) or exceptionally good (5) Where’s the in between? What can we learn from the people that rate 2-4 stars? Why a 4 but not a 5?

  2. Samantha

    It is much more common to see reviews on the extreme ends of the spectrum either very positive or very negative. I think it is the middle of the road reviews that have a lot to be learned from. They can tell us maybe a few things to change to make the so-so review a great one