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More and More Travelers are Going Mobile to Research Information and Post Content

Thanks to the continued growth and evolution of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile technologies, travelers today are increasingly looking up information and posting content from their mobile devices.

According to a new report by research firm eMarketer, 51 percent of travel content (reviews, ratings, photos, comments, videos, among other forms) by Internet users in the US have been posted from a smartphone or tablet. And while travelers and travel planners still continue to use their desktops and laptops for browsing and researching information (60 percent), mobile has emerged as one of the preferred tools for accessing travel-related content. eMarketer estimates that by 2018, 71.3 percent of all digital travel researchers in the US will be performing their research using mobile devices.

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Also, a recent study by comScore and Expedia called “Travel Decisions in a Multiscreen World” found that approximately 62 million users have engaged with digital travel content exclusively via mobile. Also, 29 percent of travelers have made a booking on a tablet in the last 6 months, while 21 percent have booked using their smartphones. Furthermore, 9 out of 10 consumers who have made a travel booking using their tablets say they would do so again, while for smartphone bookers, it’s 8 out of 10.

Read the analysis on comScore and Expedia’s study: “Mobile device ownership continues to grow steadily. Today, the mobile travel audience is bigger than the PC travel audience, with engagement on mobile spanning all travel stages and categories of content.”

Obviously, it’s extremely critical that you develop a strategy for reaching consumers across multiple devices and platforms. Here are some ways to drive success if you’re a hotel or hospitality executive looking to engage more effectively with existing and potential customers.

  • Optimize your site for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets
  • Claim your business profile on local business listings, online review sites, and business discovery apps
  • Manage and monitor online reviews and ratings of your business
  • Regularly post fresh content – news, updates, blog posts, photos and videos, responses to reviews, social updates – across all Web presences
  • Integrate features that make it easy for users to navigate, book, and make a purchase online

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