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Travel Reviews Aggregator TripAdvisor Announces Restaurant Data Partnership with Location Database Factual

Travel site TripAdvisor isn’t just about online hotel reviews and travel destinations. It’s not just about finding cheap flights, booking great hotels, and discovering hot tourist spots. It’s also about finding great restaurants all over the world.

In fact, in an effort to boost its ability to share restaurant reviews, ratings, photos, tips, and information, TripAdvisor announced recently that it’s partnering with Factual, a global data provider and comprehensive location database. The partnership focuses on sharing global restaurant data.

This means that the online travel site will integrate Factual’s restaurant data to complement its aggregated restaurant reviews and ratings. Moreover, TripAdvisor will provide Factual with user-generated data (reviews, ratings, photos, etc.) in order to help maintain the accuracy of latter’s Global Places data set.

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Factual, founded in 2007 by Gil Elbaz, offers definitive global information through its Global Places suite of data and APIs. It has 64 million local businesses, 6 million geographies, 1.8 million healthcare providers, 1.2 million restaurants, and 98,000 hotels in over 50 countries. Like TripAdvisor, Factual has a global focus that allows it to deliver data and services that power Web and mobile apps, mobile ads, and enterprise solutions.

“We appreciate working with creative data providers who can scale and grow with all our data initiatives across the globe,” said Daniel Hawkins, Product Manager at TripAdvisor, in a blog post. “Factual will help us provide a much better user experience.”

Added Eva Ho, VP of Marketing and Operations for Factual: “The addition of Factual’s Global Places data to complement TripAdvisor’s current offering will provide consumers the best experience and enormous choices for dining worldwide. The stream of contributions provided by TripAdvisor’s users will reinforce Factual’s Global Places position as the leading source for definitive global data on places.”

Just a couple of weeks ago, TripAdvisor celebrated the milestone of reaching 100 million reviews and opinions on its platform. It also highlighted the growing importance, influence, and impact of online reviews – for individual consumers and local business owners alike. CEO Steve Kaufer described the milestone as “an incredible testament to the power of how many people are interested in sharing their opinions and their trip: where they want to go, where they’re staying, what they’re doing when they get there, what they’re eating.”

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