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Tracking Google reviews are a top priority for any business.

A survey revealed that 63.6 percent of consumers are likely to check online reviews of a business on Google before they visit. Another report showed that Google reviews are one of the most important factors for 21 percent of consumers when they search for a local business.   

Businesses need to stay on top of recent and negative feedback on Google so they can maintain or grow their online reputation.

To track Google reviews, all you need is a Google My Business (GMB) account.

Google Reviews On Google My Business

Online reviews on Google are posted by Google users, who have to be signed in when they rate and write about your business. The reviews appear in two major locations: Google Search and Google Maps.

As a GMB user, you’ll see these reviews in one convenient location: GMB.

Within the GMB dashboard are a series of options displayed on the left side of the screen. Clicking on the “Reviews” section will take you to another screen, which has all of the reviews of a business submitted by multiple users.

track google reviews

You can also use the GMB app to see all reviews by tapping the Menu icon and then going to the “Reviews” section.

By default, reviews are sorted by date with the most recent submission at the top. However, you can also sort by the highest- or lowest-scoring reviews. You can also choose to only see reviews that did or didn’t receive a reply.

Speaking of replies, you can also use the “Reviews” section to respond to customer feedback. Keep in mind that customers will be notified when you respond to their review, and you can also edit your response.

Track Google Reviews with Notifications

You can get notified whenever a customer leaves a review in your listing by checking the “Customer reviews” box in the GMB settings page. On the desktop version, these will appear as email notifications. For mobile alerts, you will need to use the GMB app.

track google reviews

For most businesses, this is enough to stay on top of customer feedback on a daily basis.

However, those with a GMB account with more than 100 locations can’t take advantage of the notifications because Google deactivates notifications altogether.

Fortunately, there are some review management platforms that can notify larger businesses, and more importantly, respond to reviews from all locations.

Why are these reviews important?

It’s obvious that Google reviews significantly influence the way customers think about your business. This is why review monitoring and management is so important.

Reviews can also help or hinder your local search ranking. Asking for positive and detailed reviews can help raise a listing’s prominence. Businesses can also use edited reviews to their advantage by asking people to change their rating by resolving any issues that they might mention in their negative feedback.

By keeping a close eye on GMB, you can showcase a business in the best possible light, while also minimizing the impact that any negative opinion might have on a business.

Rexly Penaflorida II

Rexly is a Content Writer for ReviewTrackers. Prior to creating content that helps businesses, he was a tech and video games journalist for three years. He is a graduate of the University of Missouri's School of Journalism.


  1. John Dillon

    It is a great advantage for users that they can see the actual review as it is hard to delete it. While in other hand, if your business get a bad review you will have trouble removing it, so it can destroy your reputation. So, good for users, but not so good for promotions.

  2. Nicholas Oli

    I never liked Google+, or whatever it’s called now, mostly because, as you’ve said, it changes names to often and their search engine is kind of designed for bigger businesses. It’s pretty hard to find your newly-made business on Google.

  3. Sanjay

    I don’t like Google at all. It is too hard to compete with businesses who have their own SEO team. I can’t afford to have one and I run a business where there are plenty big brand names on the market. I rather skip Google+ and focus on other type of marketing and gathering reviews.

  4. meena

    I have a negative review for my business , I know it is fake . this person is writing one review from uk other from usa . My business is very local business. she is not my client at all. How can I get her fetail so that I can file a case of defaming.


    is it possible to find the person who left a review? say you need to find them as you had a horrible experience with a company as well and need information to help you in a law case? it seems this person had very much the same issues. I would like to make contact with this person to confirm some things.

  6. LegalEagle

    is it possible to get an IP address from the fake google reviews? My boss recently got a fake review and we have a theory about it being one of our competitors. Any help or guidance as to how to get the IP address would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  7. Ilaria Biagi

    I had a really terrible experience with Ontrack UK and the people I have been dealing with Zack and tom (the manager) have been very unhelpful and dismissive. The service I have been provided with has been terrible. I will try to review this company everywhere and let people know the costumer service is horrible. If I had paid £ 1500.00 instead of 700.00 I would have received a better service. the service you receive depends on the money you pay!!! this is what Tom the manager told.

  8. GTA Restoration

    Great Tips 🙂