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Kevin Kent

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  1. Jenna D

    I suppose this falls into the scheduling category above. But I’ve been to a couple different spas and the only thing that ever really ruined the experience was a lot of down time where I was just sitting there waiting.

    • Christina B

      Or feeling rushed like everybody was nervous about another customer coming in any minute.

    • Lilly

      Same thing happened to me yesterday. The salon is using pen and paper as a booking system in computer era.

  2. Brian G.

    I have always thought operating a service business would be made difficult by negative reviews, but with these tips on how to clean things up, I am thinking it would not be that bad. The main thing is to make sure you are not getting them in the first place!

  3. Fiona Wong

    In my last visit to the masseur, the 1 hour treatment was cut to 45 minutes and the excuse was that she must prepare herself for the next person, who turned out to have an appointment the same time as me. This other customer was already waiting over 45 minutes in the waiting room and she looked very angry. I really hope she gave them a 1 start review after this experience, just like I did. if you are not professional, you don’t deserve a 5 star.

  4. Susan Armand

    Few months ago, I had terrible experience in one spa. Women who was waxing my legs was in a hurry because of tight schedule, so she waxed of half of my skin. I wanted to give her 1 star review, but I didn’t find her business on Yelp. No wonder, she don’t have even a website. Maybe she is hiding from angry customers.

  5. Jason S.

    There is actually a good way to improve your reputation. It works 100%. Improve the services you are providing and lower the fee.

  6. David R

    What is the point of Spa but to relax and relive of the every day stress. You don’t need to get stressed even more after a bad spa treatment. A couple of minutes hire and there waiting is not a problem but bad treatment is. Lower the fee and put on a smile.