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Our online review monitoring startup, ReviewTrackers, is featured as an SMB Future Star at the BIA/Kelsey SMB Digital Marketing 2012 conference this week in Chicago – along with other early-stage companies developing the next big digital marketing solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

One of these companies is the SnowShoe Stamp, an exciting new startup that lets customers redeem special deals from their favorite stores using their mobile phones. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, the company was founded earlier this year by Claus Moberg, who led the introduction of this simple, intuitive, durable, and inexpensive hardware for authenticating smartphone transactions.

Hoping to get to know our fellow SMB Future Star a little better, we recently got in touch with the SnowShoe Stamp team. Here’s what Sales VP Jeff Haupt had to say:

Tell us what your start-up is about.

The SnowShoe Stamp is a simple solution to a complex authentication problem. By using a simple block of aluminum with 5 conductive points, the stamp can be used to securely redeem anything on a mobile phone: coupons, daily deals, concert tickets, and more. It costs less than $10 to make, and with nearly one million different combinations of the conductive points, it is as secure as any device used for authentication. This week at Tech Crunch (Disrupt SF), our development team won Nokia’s Most Innovative Mobile Technology Award as well as first-place honors at the Disrupt Hackathon, by using the stamp to securely open a deadbolt. The team name was Livebolt (featuring SnowShoe CEO Claus Moberg and Lead Developer Matt Lea).

Where did the idea for the SnowShoe Stamp come from?

The SnowShoe Stamp came from trying to figure out an effective method of redeeming coupons in grocery stores. When it was determined that POS integration was not a possibility, we looked for ways to redeem coupons without having to print anything out or leave an app.

How does SnowShoe help drive the success of SMBs and merchants?

SMBs can now redeem anything they want without an investment in expensive redemption devices like iPads, iPhones, bar code scanners, etc. They can simply send offers to their customers and be assured of one-time redemption.

What SMB problem/challenge is SnowShoe hoping to solve?

The stamp can solve a number of problems. The first one is creating a platform for authentication that is inexpensive and intuitive. Anyone knows how a stamp works and can easily stamp a phone to authenticate a deal. It is a more frictionless solution than scanning a barcode or QR code.

The stamp can also prove that someone was in an exact place at an exact time and did a transaction for a merchant. Many companies are using GPS location for “check-ins” but they do not guarantee that a business transaction took place. The SnowShoe Stamp can guarantee that. Finally, we believe the stamp can be used in conjunction with mobile payments.

Where and how can we connect with SnowShoe?

Like SnowShoe on Facebook

Follow SnowShoeFood on Twitter

Click +1 on SnowShoe’s Google+ page

And check out SnowShoe’s AngelList Profile

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