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The fast-casual restaurant chain Taco Cabana, owned by Fiesta Restaurant Group, started renovating its locations in 2010. The renovation was completed last year, after five years of work on its stores and operations.

Today, Taco Cabana is a true comeback story. “The struggle was how to continue adding investment value while we rebuilt the consumer value for the long-term,” said COO Todd Coerver.

ReviewTrackers wanted to learn more about Taco Cabana, so we spoke with their head of marketing, Jack Civa, and discussed the importance of managing customer feedback and understanding customers.

‘Review Sites Offer Customers an Unbiased Opportunity to Provide Feedback Based on Their Experience’

“Customer feedback is important regardless of the department you are in,” Civa said. “We utilize customer feedback for Marketing, Operations, Training, Accounting, R&D, Facilities, etc. It is imperative to continually gauge and listen to your fans and your customer base and do whatever you can to address their changing needs as a brand.”

He added that the Voice of the Customer is a vital component in the success strategy of any business. Among the different sources of Voice-of-the-Customer data, review sites provide valuable, important and unbiased information, as opposed to the sometimes biased feedback found in surveys.

“If you could, take a moment and think about how you, or people in general, utilize review sites,” Civa said.

“Review sites offer the guest an unbiased opportunity to provide feedback based on their experience. They do not receive anything for this information and are only offering it up because they feel the need to share.  Comparatively, survey results can sometimes be skewed based on the questions, the questionnaire, the interviewer, the location, their compensation for their answers, etc. We utilize many different types of resources to gather information, and review sites just seem to be a unique resource and an important piece of the customer feedback puzzle.

We asked Civa what kind of advice he would give to businesses so they can understand customers better. He said, “Get creative! There are many ways to gather information from your customers and most can be executed with minimal cost. The most simple tactic to employ is to listen to your guests via any medium they choose.”

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