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How the Restaurant Industry is Using Social to Manage Marketing Efforts

It can be pretty intimidating to try to market a restaurant today on the Internet. It’s not uncommon to feel like there are so many bases to cover, yet so little time to work on establishing your online presence.

Good thing research firm eMarketer recently released some very helpful information on how the restaurant industry is using the Internet – social media, in particular – to manage their marketing efforts.

According to the eMarketer report – entitled ““Social Media Damage Control: Learning from the Restaurant Industry” – approximately 80 percent of restaurants in the US are using social media to establish and enhance their presence online. Moreover, 68 percent monitor restaurant reviews on sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, OpenTable, Urbanspoon, Google (Google+ Local/Google Maps), and Foursquare (among many others) – showing that restaurateurs are more serious than ever about staying on top of their customer feedback and online reputation.

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eMarketer’s report was based on findings from a study by Ipsos, Groupon, and the National Restaurant Association. Here are other interesting highlights from the study:

  • About 24 percent of US restaurateurs are using review site Yelp for marketing purposes. That’s more than the percentage of restaurants using Foursquare (16 percent), OpenTable (12 percent), and Citysearch (6 percent).
  • Executives worldwide are also increasing their use of social media. In fact, according to eMarketer’s report, 36 percent are making conscious efforts to manage their online reputation. This seems to be a priority, ranking well above using social media for lead generation (24 percent) or for providing customer service and support (27 percent).

“(Online) reputation was of utmost importance in several surveys,” wrote eMarketer in its analysis. “Increasingly, social media is being used as a tool to listen to customers, monitor sentiment and create favorable brand impressions.”

For more information, check out the infographic below:

monitor restaurant reviews

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(Infographic: eMarketer)

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