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Brutal Yelp Reviews of Your Restaurant are Now a Civic Matter

Remember when online review site Yelp began to add restaurant inspection scores for local businesses in New York and San Francisco? Well, you can now add LA to the list.

According to a report in Foodbeast, Yelp has expanded its health and hygiene inspection scores to include eateries and restaurants in Los Angeles. Working closely with the Los Angeles Department of Public Health, the popular reviews aggregator will now be able to show information on how clean a Yelp-listed restaurant is, based on an open data standard called LIVES. LIVES stands for Local Inspector Value-entry Specification, and it displays local municipalities’ hygiene inspection data as a business attribute on Yelp.

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This means that Yelpers in LA will now be able to view a restaurant’s health rating, which can be found alongside other types of information like hours, price range, parking information, and noise level. Also displayed is a list of a restaurant’s violations (if any), like bad plumbing or the presence of rodents. Check out the screenshot below:

Is Your Restaurant Clean? Review Site Yelp Adds Health Inspection Scores for Eateries in LA

Said Jonathan E. Fielding, director of public health for the county: “Our research has shown that the posting of restaurant letter grade cards was associated with a reduction in food-borne illness hospitalizations. Publishing inspection scores online in conjunction with consumer-written reviews of restaurants is the logical next step.”

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  1. PattyT12

    Is this actually helping the business? When will this be available for other cities? As regular visitor of restaurants this would be very helpful for deciding where to spend my evening out.

  2. Amanda Eicher

    I think cleanliness is a huge influencer for many people when it comes to choosing a place to eat. People want to know what they are eating is safe and of good quality. I think this feature will really help businesses who put an emphasis on their food safety and it will let customers know they are eating in a quality establishment.