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One of the best ways to build a winning online reputation and attract new customers is to get more five-star reviews. After all, online reviews are one of the biggest factors influencing consumer behavior today. Great reviews also foster goodwill, and they can make a positive impact on a business’ search performance.

If your organization doesn’t yet have a strategy for generating new and positive reviews, check out these tips to help you get started.

Know which review sites you can do it for 

Some review sites – like Yelp, for example – frown upon review requests and don’t really allow you to ask customers for consumer feedback and have them post it on the site. But some review sites and platforms – like TripAdvisor or Demandforce – encourage you to be proactive in building your reviews. So, before you begin to send out review requests, read review sites’ content guidelines and make sure that you are going to be rewarded – instead of penalized – for asking for reviews.

Make your customers happy 

The easiest way to generate new reviews with five-star ratings is to consistently deliver excellent levels of service. If you have customers who are not satisfied or happy with their experience – and are therefore likely to post negative reviews instead of positive – then make a point to reach out and identify and address issues.

Don’t “incentivize” 

We’ve touched on this in a previous blog post: if you’re asking customers to provide a review of your business, don’t give incentives or rewards of any kind. This might put off your happiest customers, who’ll probably do it for free anyway. And you don’t want regulators coming after you. Great reviews qualify as endorsements, and according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), if there’s any form of incentive or compensation or close relationship between the individual customer giving the endorsement and the business receiving it, then this should be made explicit.

Use E-mail tools 

Do you collect customer E-mail addresses at key transaction points? If not, then we suggest you begin doing that. E-mail is one of the most effective customer feedback tools today, and here at ReviewTrackers, we’ve even developed a tool for helping businesses request feedback and reviews via E-mail. Or you can integrate your review requests into your monthly newsletters. If you’re sending a message to a happy customer, make sure you add a link that will direct them to your business page on the review site where you’d like them to share their experience.

Claim and manage your profiles on review sites 

Part of building a winning reputation is being able to listen to and manage what customers are saying about you. If you’re implementing strategies and using customer feedback tools to generate new reviews, then you must also have a system in place for tracking, analyzing, managing, and responding to those reviews. Think of all the review sites that are important to you and your customers – then claim your listing on those sites.

Make it easy 

Not all your satisfied customers are going to post a review just because they’ve been asked to. First, you have to make it easy for them: make sure that the links to your review profiles are there, along with a message that describes what exactly you’re hoping they could do. Be direct; don’t be shy about asking.

For example, you can say something like, “Can we ask you to share your experience with us on TripAdvisor? It’s the world’s biggest travel site, and since our resort just opened, we’d really appreciate if you could help spread the word about our resort. It would mean so much to all of us here.”

Time it right, and don’t procrastinate 

The best time to ask for reviews is immediately after the purchase or the transaction. That way, whatever consumer feedback you get will accurately reflect the actual customer experience – without the passage of time blurring some of the important details.

Also, be aware of recent research indicating that weekends are not necessarily the best time to request customers to leave reviews. The most positive consumer feedback is generated on weekdays. Meanwhile, if you’re managing an automotive business, keep in mind that weekdays, from 10 AM to 4 PM, are the times when most reviews are generated.

Say thank you 

Always take the time to show your appreciation to customers who responded to your feedback and posted online reviews. Again, it’s not recommended that you “incentivize,” but a simple thank you note will go a long way in demonstrating that yours is a business that cares about and values customer feedback.

Looking for more tips and tricks? Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to work with you in managing your reviews and building a winning business reputation.

Migs Bassig

Migs is the Content Manager for ReviewTrackers. He's a creative writer who has helped numerous companies communicate more effectively online, and he loves sharing his local marketing knowledge to help brands and business succeed.


  1. Christina

    Yes it turns out that some forms of incentives are actually illegal; at least in New York. I think that just applies to actually paying people though.

  2. Marija

    Sometimes it hard to get any review. In my experience, people just don’t bother to write review (except when they are unsatisfied).

    • Lisa Burner

      That is so true. Why would anyone leave a review if they are satisfied. People will only leave negative review, so others don’t waste time visiting those places or ordering from those shops. All in all it is very rare to see someone writing a positive review and that must change in the future. It takes 3 minutes and it is very helpful for everyone who would like to visit or order from the mentioned place.

  3. Benito Salvatore

    Nice tips. I will try to focus more on review sites and definitely will follow all the steps. I never believed in online reviews influence, but I am slowly falling behind my competition, so I must do something about that. This was a very informative article for an old school person, thanks for sharing.

  4. medomoc

    I don’t see why are those reviews so important.In my company, never ask for online reviews, comments and such things and we don’t see why they’re so important. After all, we live in a very busy world where people simply don’t have time to be bothered by writing an online review…What is more, most of them don’t even read those kind of stuff before buying a product – they just go to a store and buy it, nobody has time to search for reviews and comments before buying every single thing.

    • Paula

      @medomoc, you mentioned that at your company you never ask for online reviews, so you actually have a profile where they can leave such reviews. If you don’t believe in reviews and don’t think anyone reads them, why have you created such profile in the first place? If you don’t need the reviews you should close your profile on such sites and open a stone age shop and hope that the word about your shop will travel from cave to cave.

      • Bowie

        @Paula – Spot on! Well said indeed.

  5. Paula

    I think asking the customer to write a review can turn out to be a bad decision. If the customers are satisfied, they will most likely do that anyway and if they are not satisfied, you are yous pushing them toward writing a bad review. You can’t know when are they satisfied. You can only guess, so asking for reviews in such case is 100% gambling.

  6. Laney Pitt

    The time is crucial. If your customers don’t leave the review right after the service, the longer they wait, the bigger are chances that they won’t leave any review. This doesn’t apply if they aren’t pleased with your service. An angry customer will find time to leave bad review.

  7. Fiona Wong

    It’s harder to get a good review then a bad one, i think. Peoples rarely take the time to commend someone,it’s easier for an angry customer to leave a bad review. You really have to have that WOW factor for you to get a good review.

  8. Nick From TEXAS

    I have found that I get EXACTLY what I ask for, I do a delivery process & take 10-15 min. to explain all warranty info & how to deal with just abount any issue you could encounter, then I ask for some good reviews & proved them a page with all the logo’s for the companies which happien to be the links straight to my review page with that company.
    I talk with them about good Quality Vehicles & Good Financing to assist them & Great Customer Service, I explain how most folks give reviews when their upset & ask them to take some time as we just took time & lets help each other… were above 4.0 on most sites. May I Add “YELP” Sucks! Their computer stops reviews, yes their Computer!